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Writer’s Log Oct. 1, 2017

Weekly Word Counts
Novel draft: 0
Short prose: 2,105
Poetry: N/A

Editing progress: none

The novel draft count probably won’t go up much this month, as my goal is to edit the novel drafts I have done, and then start a new one for NaNoWriMo on November 1st. I will count any new words written for novel drafts there, so we’ll see.

I am slowly raising my daily wordcount, though it’s nowhere near where it needs to be yet. In November, I’ll need to write 11k words per week – 1667 per day. So I have a long ways to go, but at least it’s creeping up. Honestly, if I wrote that much for the next two weeks, I’d have two of the short stories I’m working on done and be nearly done with the third. A motivating thought, for sure.

I’ve switched up my writing time yet again, in order to get more sleep (more on that on the Variety Pages blog tomorrow). So all of my writing time has shifted back to nights – 10:30pm to 11:45pm, to be exact. And when I can swing it, 10:15pm to start for an hour and a half. I like it better than doing half-hour sprints, honestly…easier to get in the “zone” and stay there. And when I’m in top writing “condition”, I can generally write around 800 words an hour, so it won’t be difficult at all to hit my NaNo daily counts once I work back up to it.

I’ve been experimenting with voice lately, and surprisingly, I’ve written one piece in first person and started another in first person as well. It’s significant because I really don’t generally care for first person when I’m reading, and I’ve never written in first person before. It’s kind of scary, to be honest. Because while I have a definite disconnect in reading first person (I can’t put myself into the story when I’m reading first person – the personal pronouns prevent it, because it’s someone else speaking), writing it feels almost *too* personal. Like there’s too much of myself going out there on the page.

And as this second “first person” story I’m working on is a thriller/horror story, there’s always a little voice in the back of my head screaming that people will think the “I” in the story is actually “me”, and cart me off to the looney bin just as a preventative measure for society…

An interesting experiment, in any case. First person narratives are pretty popular among both readers and writers lately, so maybe I’ll be trendy for once. We’ll see, I suppose.

I haven’t gotten any editing done lately, mostly due to technical issues. That is, thinking I’m going to do the read-through and notes on my cell during breaks or whatever, and then not actually taking breaks, and not getting to it. I think what I need to do with these drafts that need a lot of work (which is all of them at the moment) is to do a straight read-through, then grab a piece of paper (actual paper, not digital) and make note of the actual synopisis I want to change it to, and a broad plan of what needs to change and where. Then I can go back in and edit through, rewriting where necessary and line-editing everything else as I go.

I think the read-through portion needs to be done as fast/consistently as possible, so that I get the continuity (or lack thereof) of the draft in my head right from the start, and that’s been my major issue I think thus far. So I’m hoping to have all my housework and such done early enough tonight (Sunday) that I can do at least a partial read-through of a draft, finish the read-through and notes over the next couple of days, and I think that will give me a better overall picture of what I have vs. what I need and how to fix it.

I have a plan…hopefully it will be the one that works!

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