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Writer’s Log, October 8, 2017: New habits & a printer

Weekly Word Counts
Novel draft: 0
Short prose: ?
Poetry: N/A

Editing hours: 0

This week’s been a little hit and miss for writing, due to my trying to get more sleep and having to rearrange my writing schedule in order to do that. I have gotten some new words down, obviously, but not nearly as many as I would have liked. This does not bode well for next month’s novel sprint. But all I can do is try harder to keep to my established writing hours and try to find some extra writing time on the weekends to make up for what I can’t do during the week.

I did get some new words in, but I haven’t had time to upload them from my Neo to my laptop yet, which is why I’m not sure of the word count (above). I need to get in the habit of doing that nightly before I head for bed. New habits take awhile to form though. I’m workin’ on it.

I have three more weeks to finish at least two drafts in progress. They’re short stories (around 10k words each), and if I really buckle down, I should be able to finish in two. But…it’s never really that easy, is it?

I’ve also been trying to do some editing this week, with no luck whatsoever. I did decide to go back to editing on paper rather than digitally…as much as I prefer to stay as paperless as possible, marking up a draft is just easier when I have the tactile sensation of pen and paper.

In order to do that, I had to go buy a printer, which we did on Wednesday. And after I got it set up, I printed out the draft I’ve been trying to work on. Tomorrow is a federal holiday, so I’m off work, and I plan to mark up as many of those pages as possible while I’m home. Down the line, I’ll have to figure out how to work editing into my regular writing hours somewhere, but since I have the day, I’ll might as well make good use of it.

I need to figure out some weekend hours to use on writing-related stuff, but as I mentioned, the sleeping more thing is requiring a lot of habit changes at the moment. So…we’ll see. For now, I just really want to try to write 1000 new words a day this next week, and get those edits marked up so I can start putting the revisions into the digital document. If I get those two things done, I’ll be a happy camper next weekend!

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