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Writer’s Log Sept. 24, 2017

Weekly Word Counts
Novel draft: 0
Short prose: 1459 (approx)
Poetry: 66

Editing hours: N/A

So…finally remembering to update here. I know. But a lot of weekends I’m doing housework right up until 1am, and I barely have time to get my BSB blog and my main Variety Pages blog updated, much less anything else. I’m going to try to do better though, and today (Sunday), I feel like I’m at least partially ahead of the game. Go me!

In any case, I took my vacation week in September, finished that novel draft I was struggling with, and I’ve since been working hard on establishing new, daily writing habits morning and night. And finally, it’s working. I’m making progress. Writing stories. Making time for reading too. The only two things I need to do now is make sure I have an hour in the evenings (instead of the half-hour I normally cripple myself with) and I need to find time for editing the drafts I already have done and waiting.

But I have to say, just getting that half-hour both morning and night to write has done wonders for my disposition and attitude toward the whole thing. Getting new words down regularly makes me feel good, and productive. Which makes me eager to write more, and it’s a great cycle to finally be caught up in again.

In the mornings, I write on my laptop. I’m still too asleep to have much trouble with being distracted, so I open my WIP and get to work, typing away for half an hour (sometimes longer, which isn’t good because then I get behind, but…at least I’m writing).

In the evenings after my kitchen is clean and no one needs anything more from me (finally), I sit in the armchair in my office with my Alphasmart Neo, and type away for at least another half-hour (sometimes longer). I do force myself to stop and take 15 – 20 minutes for reading before I go to bed, which is important to get my head winding down and ready for sleep, and also important just because it’s important to “fill the well” so to speak.

I would have more time for writing at night if I got off the couch and got to chores faster, but it takes forever for the dogs to settle after their walk, and when they finally do, I settle too. And I don’t really want to get up again right away. It’s a process. I’m hoping this week I can figure out how to settle them more quickly, so I have more downtime, and ultimately I can get back to my office more quickly. Come November, I’ll need that full hour at night to make my daily wordcounts (and the morning sessions to get ahead).

I think the only way I’m going to “get around” to editing is to find some time on the weekends to spend on it. Weekend time is in rather short supply, but I think I might be able to set aside a couple of hours most Sundays to spend on revisions. I also need some time to spend on world-building/outlining, for both my revisions and the next novel draft I plan to write in November, and I think I’ll try to do that on Saturdays.

With any luck, I’ll have a few stories ready to release around Christmas this year, and more shortly thereafter. I have quite a few drafts done – they just need to be revised/edited, and more in progress. Exciting!

So, onward. Another week of writing to look forward to. Feels good to be getting words down daily (or almost) again.

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