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Writer’s Notes: April 24, 2014

Oh hello, little neglected writing log blog (ha!)…

writing sessions have been rather sporadic as of late…I’ve gotten
off-schedule, and that’s never a good thing, for writing or logging. I
might write for twenty minutes after work and then sometimes another
30-60 minutes late, late at night (when my mind is far too gone from
sleep deprivation and wine to remember to log those sessions), or not at
all for a few days only to catch up in a flurry of words just in time
to get the next serial installment posted. I might snag a few paragraphs
during commercials while watching TV in the evenings, or occasionally
I’ll even grab an approved break-time at work, though that’s been seldom
of late. Which is bad, because breaks are good for the brain no matter
what you’re doing, but when my mind grabs hold of a problem or project, I
tend to get all obsessive-compulsive about it and dragging me away is
difficult, at best.

been a lot of non-writing stuff going on lately (taxes! holidays!
crochet-projects-for-hire!), and a lot of book-business related stuff as
well that is taking up far more of my time than I’d like. And when I
get that busy, I’m just as likely to spend time set aside for writing on
other, more procrastinatory (shush – it’s a word if I say so, and I do)
things. Like checking Facebook, and playing word games, and trying to
get the household budget figured out so I can downsize my tablet to a
smartphone with a data-only plan.

You know. Important stuff.

any case, for those of you who might be wondering what the heck I have
been up to when writing lately, here’s a run-down of where we’re at in
all the stories:

MacKenzie Saves the World:
Kenzie’s comic shop is flooded, Josh is tired of fighting their
attraction and Kevin has finally talked her into giving the guy another
chance. Good idea? Who knows? But the poor girl ended up on the floor in
our last installment, and not with her hunky mall co-owner either, dang

Under His Wing:
Katie has finally fulfilled her personal sacrifice “quest”, and she and
Thomas are about to set off for her home (where-ever that is – she has
no idea where she is, so hopefully he knows how to get there) where they
will vanquish Peter…somehow. I don’t know what happens next, because I
still have to write it. It’s Thursday. The installment is due tomorrow
morning. I told you I was off-schedule…

When She Cries:
Nicole has just discovered the video cameras, and last we left her, she
was letting Patrick (how come my two bad guys both have names starting
with “P” here? Hmm…) come to kill her. But she had an idea at the last
second of the last installment, and…I have no idea what that idea
was, so I don’t know if it will work or not. I’m sure it’s brilliant.
I’ll find out later tonight or tomorrow, I guess.

The Bedrock Arrangement:
Jillian and Thomas just met, and the sparks are flying for sure. I have
no idea how they’re going to keep this professional, or if they’re even
going to try. Or if one of them will walk away. Can’t wait to find out
though, when I write the next part…

Donteneoux’s Dragon and Live With Me
are on hold for now, unfortunately. If I can ever pick up and follow a
schedule again, I might actually get to add some new words to those
drafts. I was really, really hoping to get both out this year,
but…we’ll see. I need to buckle down and get harsh with my writerly
self if I want to do that. Or I need to take a vacation from the day job
and just write, write, write like the wind on one or both. That idea
definitely has merit. 

then. So tonight, lots of catch-up writing for the serials tomorrow. And
I have a book to edit as well…was hoping to get that out Friday, but
yeah. No. Next week. Dang it.

Regular updates will resume here tomorrow. I think.  

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