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Writer’s Notes: August 13, 2014

Writing Session 1: MacKenzie Saves the World
Author/Genre: JD/sweet romance
Words written:  541
Total words:  41,206
Time Spent: 20 minutes

Notes: I wrote half of this yesterday, but didn’t have time to record it, so I’m lumping it all together for today. I’m getting along towards the end of this book (finally), and working hard not to rush the ending (though I totally still am). Can’t wait to see these two finally get together.

Writing Session 2: Under His Wing
Author/Genre: JD/contemp. paranormal romance
Words written:  341
Total words:  22,227
Time Spent: 30 minutes

Notes: A good start to the scene, anyways. I’m never sure if a scheme like this is actually going to work, so I’m interested to find out myself. Hmm…

I’ve been slacking on this again! Oops. A lot of it has been just being distracted and grabbing bits of time to write when I don’t necessarily have time to record those sessions here. But my schedule is evening out again (and of course I just jinxed myself by typing that), so hopefully I’ll be more regular. And I have some fun things to talk about here in the near future, including a new series I’ll be starting work on soon (complete with brand new writing methods). So…more to come…

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