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Writer’s Notes: August 14, 2014

Writing Session 1: Under His Wing
Author/Genre: JD/contemp. paranormal romance
Words written:  222
Total words:  22,449
Time Spent: 15 minutes

Notes: Uh-oh. I just hate it when nothing works like it was supposed to, leaving our heroine in mortal danger and her hero in a panic. This should be interesting…

Writing Session 2: When She Cries
Author/Genre: AW/suspense
Words written:  570
Total words:  26,798
Time Spent: 30 minutes

Notes: Now that’s a serious mind game right there. Will it be the start of Nicole’s ultimate undoing? Or did Patrick just cut his own throat, figuratively speaking? Either way, this is gettin’ kinda heavy…

Writing Session 3: The Bedrock Arrangement
Author/Genre: TM/erotic romance
Words written:  583
Total words: 14,805
Time Spent: 60 minutes

Notes: I can’t end this scene where it is, because…conversation. So I’ll have to finish it tomorrow. But it’s off to a really good start. I wish I could say the same about how it’s going to end… *sigh*

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