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Writer’s Notes: Feb. 9, 2015

I started my day by reminding myself that I’m not going to let the never-ending marketing/publishing to-do list burn me out again. Generally it’s not a good sign when you have to remind yourself of things like that. In fact, it’s  a sign that the pressure is getting dangerously close to the boiling point, and something is probably gonna have to bend soon, before things start breaking. The last three weekends have been far busier than normal though, so it’s possible that once they get back down to a dull roar, the pressure will ease.

One can only hope. If it doesn’t, drastic measures will have to be taken. It’s not gonna be pretty…

In any case, last week was also crazy busy, because I started the week behind (as I’m doing again this week), so “catch-up” was the name of the game regarding my drafts. It was the first week of the month, which means all my newsletter serial installments had to be done, and it was a struggle, but mission accomplished plus a little extra for my highest weekly word count yet this year (Woohoo!):


Weekly Word counts – Feb. 2 – 7

Mine (Meadowlark Mayhem): 1,196
Shadow in the Stacks (Meadowlark Pulse): 1,179
Hard Drivin’ (Meadowlark After Dark): 1,019
The Dry Rain (Insecticide): 601
The Time Stone (Stone Scavengers): 1,134


Total words for the week: 5,129

Still only half of what I want to be doing per week, but like I said, best I’ve done all year, so I’ll take it. This next week I’ll be working on only the bottom two drafts. The Dry Rain *must* be finished by Saturday, and it’s a short story, so it only needs to be 5000-8000 words. It’s at 817 total right now, so still quite a ways to go. This means weekend writing, without a doubt. Gotta stay ahead of my publishing schedule…

The Time Stone must be finished by Feb 28th, and I’m much farther behind on that than I’d like to be (it’s at around 13,000 words…and needs to be around 50k).  So yeah. I need to kick it in gear with the words here…

On the marketing side of things…that was kind of trippy, actually. My inquiries for setting up a shop with the Coffee Time Romance community resulted in…a contract and a shop that I’ve had time to upload exactly 1 book to so far. I’ll be working on getting the rest of my romance novels up there over the next week, as well as getting them up on Google play. More distribution points equals more sales potential – especially with CTR, as they’re a large and very active romance reader community.

The book I posted audio rights for? Yeah. A *great* narrator auditioned just two days later, we chatted by email, put a contract together, and bada-bing, bada-boom…the audiobook is actually done and with ACX for final review already! Whew! Talk about quick. It’s the book I’ve decided to promote in March, so that’s stellar, since the audiobook will be available in time for the promotional push.

I also paid for a cover promo spot on a popular review site (for the same book). Now I really need to get the print copies done and published…and list contests on the three major reader sites.

And as far as business stuff goes, well, I spent my business hours on Sunday doing taxes. I can’t finish them until next week, when I can get the last forms I need on the personal side of things, but the business books have been officially closed out, and I’ll be playing with new accounting software (hopefully simpler) next weekend for the 2015 bookkeeping.

That was my week…and now you know why I’m reminding myself not to get burnt out. It’s weird, because once you start setting things in motion, they really do just sort of take on a life of their own, and while you thought you were in control, you end up just hanging on for dear life. Crazy how that happens! Whatever do you think will steamroll me next? Hmm…

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