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Writer’s Notes: February 2, 2015 (?!)

How the heck did it get to be February already? It seems like January just flew right by. Though I did actually get quite a bit done, looking back…

Last week was a whirlwind of “paying for lack of organization”. In other words, I screwed up sometime back in December (well, November, actually), and last week partial payment was due. I won’t lie (because the whole point of this is to let you see exactly what’s going on behind the curtain) – it wasn’t fun, and it put me behind even further than I already was (predictably). But I got it done, and the world isn’t going to end because I’m a week farther behind, and I will eventually get this all sorted out if I just stay calm and keep moving forward.

In any case, last week I was editing, formatting and distributing the ebook version of my January release. One of my publishing goals for this year is to release something every month, and in the interest of treating this like a business rather than a hobby, it was really vitally important (mentally speaking) that I got that book out by last Friday. And I’m glad I pushed to get it done, because it sets a specific tone for the year.

Of course that along with some other things that I wasn’t expecting to come up means that my new word count for last week is utterly pathetic:

The Time Stone: 1,303

Yep. That’s it. 1300 measly little words. On one draft. Disappointing doesn’t really do justice to how I feel about that, but I’m not going to dwell and pout about it, I’m simply going to do better this week. Because I need to, and I’m perfectly capable. Over the next five days I need to finish the February serial newsletter installments (3 x 1k), reach the half-way point in The Dry Rain (TDR), and write as much as humanly possible on TTS.

It may seem like I’m working haphazardly here, but I really do have a plan. I prioritize what to work on by what’s due next, and I have a master publishing list for 2015 that lines out exactly what I’ll be publishing when, and what I’ll be working on writing for each month.

For example, the serial newsletter installments are always due the last week of the month, but they’re also only 1k each per month. So if I get those done the first week of each month, I can set those stories aside and not worry about them again for the next three weeks, but they’re done ahead of time so no worries about missing the deadline or writing them just before the newsletters need to go out.

TTS is the only book I’m writing for a publisher (rather than publishing it myself), and I’ve given them a hard deadline of February 28th as to when I’ll have it done and ready for them. So since that deadline is closest, that story gets the bulk of my time at this point.

The draft of this month’s release is currently with the editor, so the other story I’m working on (TDR) is the story I have slated for my March Release. It needs to be done before the 14th of this month so I can send it off to the editor and we’ll both have time to do our thing well before the release date. It’s also a short story, so it doesn’t require as much time, which is why TTS still gets the bulk of my attention. And I need to get it done so I can get back to work on my April release…

So you see…there’s a method to my chaos. As there almost always is to any chaos, if you look hard enough.

On the marketing front, I spent my hour and a half on Saturday submitting books to review sites and inquiring about setting up a distribution account with another small online bookstore/community. I also added a couple books to Goodreads that hadn’t quite made it there yet, and set up an audition call on ACX for audiobook narrators on my January release. So slow progress there, but decent. I really need to get some print books done for several books so I can do some Goodreads giveaways. It’s a pretty easy way to get some visibility on new titles…

As far as business goes, Sunday morning I finally finished catching up with my bookkeeping for 2014. Woohoo! Next Sunday will be tax day, and then I’ll be able to start setting up the 2015 books in what I hope will be an easier/simpler bookkeeping program.

It feels like I’m working at a snail’s pace here, but truthfully, this is the earliest in the year that I’ve had my bookkeeping caught up since I started this whole publishing thing. And that was just working an hour and a half every Sunday morning…which just goes to show you exactly how much you can get done in a small amount of focused, uninterrupted (mostly) time. Kind of crazy, but cool too.

So that’s the news for this week, a day late due to a very busy weekend…

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