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Writer’s Notes: January 18, 2015

This week was only slightly better for word count than last, but I’m getting there. One of the projects I’m working on is three separate serial stories for my monthly newsletters, and I did get a lot done on those, so that was good. My tally this week is as follows:

The Time Stone (TTS): 500 words

Meadowlark Pulse(MP): 1,033 words

Meadowlark After Dark(MAD): 1,152

Meadowlark Mayhem(MM): 679

Total words this week: 3,364

Still a far cry from the 10k per week that I’m working towards, but better than last week. Improvement is good!

The January installments for MP and MAD are done for the month, so I won’t be working on those again until February. So this week I’ll be finishing up the installment for MM this week, and then working on TTS, along with the other novel-length draft I have scheduled for this month and next, Donteneoux’s Dragon (DD). I might start the moth-themed horror short I have planned out too…we’ll see. Here’s hoping I can double this week’s word count. As you may have noticed, I much prefer working on more than one project at a time – even if I get stuck on one, I work on a different one, and generally get myself “unstuck” on the first just by bouncing back and forth. Don’t ask me why that works, it just does. I try not to argue with my brain about how it wants to work as long as we keep moving forward.

I have zero good excuses for the low count last week. The bad excuses include my birthday on Saturday (and thus a vacation day Friday for a new tattoo, which I was altogether too excited about to focus), and self-doubt with the TTS draft. However, I got some feedback on the start of that draft from my editor which was encouraging, and I also read a couple of blog posts that were just what I needed to hear, in general. If you’re a writer dealing with self-doubts/writerly angst at the moment, I’d highly recommend these two discussions by two very level-headed authors:

Being Nora Roberts by Russell Blake

Sky Gazing by Hugh Howey

No, I never thought about quitting – I’ve been there, done that, and always come back, so giving up writing is pointless for me. But I do still deal with the doldrums occasionally like everyone else (mostly about whether I’m good enough or not – or whether I ever will be). Normally it’s worse when sales are remarkably bad (funny how that works, eh?). Sales have turned around a bit though, which also helped my mood a bit.

As for bookkeeping, I got a late start this week and had a hard time staying focused on the spreadsheets vs. Quickbooks, so I didn’t get a whole lot done, but I did get some income entered, which is good. Every little bit helps, and next weekend will be more “normal”, so that should help. Due to my birthday Saturday, I decided to move my Marketing/Promo time to Monday this week (since it’s a holiday and I’m off from the day job). So I’ll work on that tomorrow. Mostly submissions for review, and blurb redos, I think. That’s the plan, anyways. I can do cover art in front of the TV, but I need more focus for blurb writing.


So…not a bad week, but not as good as I’d have liked either. Having all my blog posts done ahead of time was *awesome*. Right after this post goes up, I’ll be working on this week’s posts – writing & scheduling so they’re all done and out of the way for the week.

Here’s to…say, 6k words this week? That seems like a good leap toward my goal…

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