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Writer’s Notes: July 1, 2014

Writing Session 1: MacKenzie Saves the World
Author/Genre: JD/sweet romance
Words written:  219
Total words:  36,985
Time Spent: 15 minutes

Notes: Just a quick little start to this scene, which is just going to get worse before it gets better. I really hate starting the week off with such a downer…but alas, we have to go where the story needs to go…

Writing Session 2: MacKenzie Saves the World
Author/Genre: JD/sweet romance
Words written:  324
Total words:  37,309
Time Spent: 15 minutes

Notes: Now the fight is on. Honestly, I don’t know how they’re going to get past this. It’s going to be really rough for them both, poor things. Ah well. It’s my job not to stop until they’re happy, so…we continue on.

Writing Session 3: Under His Wing
Author/Genre: JD/contemp. paranormal romance
Words written:  252
Total words:  18,326
Time Spent: 30 minutes

Notes: Another difficult conversation/choice..but these two need to get back to the immediate danger at hand fairly soon. By the end of the scene, if not before…

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