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Writer’s Notes, July 3, 2021

100 Daily Words for 100 (Week) Days Counter: 4
Words This Week: 433

It’s been a good writing week. Really good, actually. I’ve written at least a hundred words every night, and finished another story in the flash collection I’m working on. The only thing I didn’t get done is work on the novel I want to rewrite and release this fall, and time is not my friend on that one (can you believe it’s already July?!). I have to write around 800 words per day to get it done, so…we’ll see, but I’m going to try.

I have a plan. I even have some time set aside specifically for working on it, daily. I’ve spent the last week recognizing the time, and then being so sure I was going to be interrupted or need to do something else that I didn’t take advantage of it. But now that I’m fairly certain it’s routinely “open”, I’ll definitely be *using* it, starting next week.

I regularly read the blogs of two major writers who work differently from each other, and “watching” how they work, and how they see the writing “world” as a whole is helping me to figure out my new workflow. While I’m still hashing my own routines out, I can definitely see a difference in how my words are coming together, and how I think about them as I write, which feels like an improvement. I still have a lot to learn and I need to make some time for more writing courses (I’ve already purchased several, just need to *take* them), but I feel like I’m getting better, and that my overall writing is improving too. And all that is really helping with my confidence issues.

I’m setting slightly higher goals for next week, since the past couple of weeks have gone so well. I want to finish another flash story, which will require doubling my nightly word count from 100 to 200 (I have Monday off work, which should help with that).

For the novel, I want to finish the scene outline for the second chapter, and write (rewrite) 800 words per day. This is a book that I wrote several years ago, finished the manuscript, and decided after all this time I don’t want to just clean it up, I want to take the main plot and rewrite it completely. Which is ambitious, but I think that will be better for the story as a whole, and I hate editing, so rewriting will fix the major plot problems and leave less of a mess to clean up at the end.

So, ambitious goals for next week that total 1000 words per day. Which shouldn’t even be difficult at all, and wouldn’t have been for me several years ago, but it definitely seems…out of reach at the moment. I’m still going to try, and we’ll see how far I get. Even half that will be more than last week, so…I can’t really lose unless I write nothing.

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