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Writer’s Notes: June 12th, 2021

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.”
―Franz Kafka

100 Daily Words for 100 Days Counter: 0

In my defense, I have been writing. Just not finishing or publishing (or blogging much, actually). I’ve gotten hopelessly mired in the pursuit of…”better” writing (ie, making my own writing better), and have been pretty much mired there for quite some time. It’s not a good place to be.

I mean, it’s good to want to be better, but that is a lifetime pursuit. I need to re-learn how to just do the best I can, and publish, and then do better with the next one, and publish…with the understanding that the next one will/should always be “better”, but I will never actually know if they’re “good” or not, simply because “good” is such a subjective thing with reading.

I’ve added a goal to my resolutions this year to “publish something”. It doesn’t matter what it is, or what length, or when it gets done, aside from it has to be published and available for the public to read before Dec. 31st, 2021.

So, publishing. Along with creating a regular writing habit again. I’ve got a goal to write a minimum of 100 words every day for 100 days straight, and I’m…well, I”m having a hard time with that too. Which I shouldn’t be – it’s totally a mental thing, and once I get around it I’ll be fine, but…man. It’s tough this time. I go a day or two, and miss a day. Start over. Go a day or two, and miss a day, repeat. Ugh. Yes, any progress is good progress, but I really want to make a daily habit of it, so it’s something I miss if I don’t do, rather than something I have to really work at remembering to do.

I am determined to get myself back on track, and writing/finishing/publishing this year. I’ve finished two of 12 themed flash stories that will become a collection in December (I should be half-done with that project by this time, but…yeah. The struggle is real.).

I’m also determined to get back to blogging, and the other things that make me feel more like a “real writer”. I’ve let these things fall away thinking it would give me more time to write, but…it really just lets me slide further from the author mindset, and that isn’t helping.

I am, like my drafts, a “work in progress”. And I’ve been wallowing long enough. Time to crawl out of my brain and get back to work. Feel free to watch, if you’d like…with any luck, this will be a regular blog spot again (and a less whiny one, eventually).

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