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Writer’s Notes: June 27, 2014

Writing Session 1: Kale Chipped
Author/Genre: AW/horror
Words written:  420
Total words:  420
Time Spent: 30 minutes

Notes: This is a little flash story for an anthology titled Tasteful Murders being put together by Paul De Lancey and Candace C. Bowen on Facebook. When I saw the theme, I just knew one of Alex’s Death by Veggies shorts would be perfect…though they’re normally not *that* short (5 – 10k words, usually). The word count limit is 250 words or less, so now that I have this little draft, I need to edit it down to size. I was going to expand it into a full-length short, but instead, I think I’ll let this particular scene stand alone, and then write another full-sized short with the same characters to continue the story as part of the regular DBV series. The full story will be titled Sauteed with Kale, and I’ll time it to come out right around the same time as the anthology does. Sneaky marketing, like. 

I was pretty “blah” today until I wrote this little piece. It made me happy. Which is…a little frightening, but it’s just how I roll. I have some more ideas for the DBV series…I think I’ll pick that back up again as time permits. They don’t sell much, but I do love them so… 😉

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