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Writing Notes: June 19th, 2021

100 Daily Words for 100 Days Counter: 0
Words This Week: 179

Well there’s an embarrassing word count for you. It was a rough week, but truly, there’s no excuse for this. I sabotaged myself a couple of nights, and I really do have the occasional five minutes to jot a few words down. I just…didn’t, obviously. I am so far out of the writing habit it’s like learning to write all over again.

I wrote my first novel in 250 word blocks at night during commercials on TV. My focus has gotten worse, and commercials aren’t even really a thing now with streaming. But I still have the occasional break at work (though those have been pretty non-existent this week), and I have my writing time late at night, so…seriously. I just need to kick things into gear.

I have noticed that with the story I’m working on now, I’m not as engaged with it. So there isn’t enough depth to hold my interest, which is something only I can fix, obviously. I’ve been working on my descriptive writing, but it’s not automatic yet, so too much focus on that, not enough on the plot, and those two things mean I’m falling asleep as I try to write. So I need to re-plot that story, which in turn will help me stay awake while writing it. Seems important, since I can’t pipe my dreams to the computer (yet).

So, the goals for this week are pretty simple: write every day, and replot the bunny story to be interesting as well as descriptive. Neither of those should be too difficult, I just need to be disciplined about it.

If I get that figured out, I’ll have better news to report next time!

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