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Writing Notes: June 26th, 2021

100 Daily Words for 100 Days Counter: 4
Words This Week: 437

It’s been a good writing week. And it feels really good to be able to type that, too. I managed to write at least 100 words every day this week, and even though a couple nights were a serious struggle, I pushed through, which is something I really, really needed to do in order to build some momentum again.

I am taking weekend days out of the mix as far as the 100 words/100 days thing goes. I just…can’t seem to remember or find the 15 minutes in front of my computer on the weekend days. I don’t like it, but it’s been driving me nuts trying to write on the weekends, and I need to just…not worry about that anymore.

I don’t know what’s causing it, but it feels like things are clicking back together again in my life after being a chaotic jumble for the past several years. And writing is one of those things, thank goodness. Fingers crossed I can get enough momentum going to keep moving even when things get jumbled again (as they always do)…or at least pick it up faster on the flip side.

I’ve been working on the anthologies flash stories this week, and making good progress. I’m way, way behind (only two out of twelve or thirteen done), but the nice thing about flash fiction is, when you’re in the zone, it’s pretty fast writing relatively speaking, and I’m getting faster again by the day.

Part of that has been setting up a new workflow. I’m a “pantser” (no planning before I write), but I’m trying to be more of a “plan-then-pants” type of writer. So I’ve been playing with making a skeleton plot/outline to start, and then I don’t sweat it if I start writing and just go way off the “plan”. While I can’t know the ending before I start (in any detail, anyways – I get bored), it definitely helps to have a place to start from. So I’m trying to do that and figure out a good workflow for not outlining too far ahead of where I’m writing, but far enough that I have something to reach for when I start typing, if that makes sense.

The goal for this week? Keep doing what I’m doing. And if possible, work on the novel I want to release this fall alongside the flash stories I’m writing. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m definitely optimistic.

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