DST, Annoying Sinuses & Complicating Weight Loss…

So…Daylight Savings Time sucks. I hate it. And there’s really no
good reason for all the switching back and forth at all. It’s just as
well I’m writing this Sunday night, because as much as I hate getting up
at 6am, I hate getting up at 5am about 10x more, which is what this
morning was like for me. I read a study once that said one of the
highest risk times for dying during the year is the week right after we
go to DST. It’s dangerous, people! 


Okay. Rant over. Just…you know…be cautious if you talk to me
online today. I might bite. If I survived the early alarm clock. 

Last week was semi-productive. I didn’t do nearly as much as I
wanted to, but part of that is because I’ve been fighting this sinus
“thing” and I lost a whole day to a raging headache. Annoying, but no
way to avoid it, really. 

The weekend wasn’t too bad – I got my comic books put away and organized, and got some crocheting in while we watched Skyfall
Saturday night (didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as previous bond movies,
but it was okay). Accounting? Yeah, no. Which sucks, but I just didn’t
feel like sitting in front of the computer this weekend. 

I’ve been having that problem a lot lately, actually. Even though I
haven’t worked out in a couple weeks (not real workouts), I find myself
less amiable to sitting for long stretches at a time. My body wants to
move, and it’s kind of problematic considering my day job work happens
at a desk, and so does the writing/publishing business. I need to figure
out how to balance out my need for movement vs my need to get stuff
done – an odd but welcome issue to face, I suppose. 

Speaking of such: three people complimented me on my weight loss
recently and asked me how I did it. I suspect my answer, “eat less, move
more” wasn’t what they were looking for, considering they didn’t have
much to say after that. One of them was rather surprised that it took me
around a year to lose 40lbs (this ain’t TV, folks).

It made me all too aware of how much we humans like to complicate
things – mostly because we’re looking for that quick fix that will
require the least amount of effort. The thing about health though is
that it’s a life-long process, and there *is* no quick fix…it’s a day
to day thing. Still, I’ll admit that after my conversations with those
ladies, I’m considering writing a book on weight loss. Not that the
world needs another one of those, but it would save me from having to
explain over and over and over when people ask. Unfortunately, there
really wouldn’t be anything in it that the motivated person couldn’t
find for free online. It’s just really not that hard, but it does take a
lot of work, if that makes any sense. 

I did get a decent amount of writing done, but the St. Pat’s day
shorts fell to the side, so gotta get those done before this Friday. And
I still have editing to do on a short story too. It’s gonna be a busy
week! Here’s the list: 

– Serial scene for THHG
– Three flash installments for the holiday series to post on Friday
– Edits & formatting for a short story to be released Friday
– Whatever writing I can get done on my various other drafts
– Finish catching my accounting up
– Compile sales stats for last year
– Workout x3

That’s all I’m putting on the list – anything else will be a bonus this week, what with the whole time change debacle.

And with that, I guess it’s time to get to work…

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One comment on “DST, Annoying Sinuses & Complicating Weight Loss…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, I am with you. Down with DST! I do have to say that I have made the transition easier this year that I ever have (last year my body NEVER adjusted). I think it was because I was so very sick all week that the fact that I was actually feeling better made the transition to DST less painful. That is the only answer I can surmise. I wish you well as you adjust. It can be a bear.

    I am sorry to hear about the sinus thing. I hope it fully clears up soon. Sinus “crud” is the pits.

    I am sorry you don’t get positive feedback about the “eat less, move more” message. You are living proof that it works. I think losing 40 pound in a year is great. If I was 40 pounds lighter now than I was last year I would be in tall cotton.

    Good luck with finding balance between sitting and “moving.” I fidget a lot and tend to get up and down to do things on very regular intervals. It helps. When I was on dial up it was easy to get up and do stuff every time a page was loading. When one is listing on eBay that is a lot of page loading, lol!

    Good luck with your writing and I hope you feel better this week. Take care!

    Hugs, Ardee-ann