Everyday Romance: A Perfect Proposal

Today Dolly Garland is sharing her engagement story, which I think you’ll agree is wonderfully romantic. Let’s join her at the abbey…

I know a lot of women who have an idea
of a perfect proposal. I have heard many men worrying about what to
do because their girlfriends have very specific requirements. I
wasn’t one of them. I hadn’t really thought about proposals, and
if I had I would have liked something romantic, but there would have
been no more specific requirements than that.

The fact that my husband’s proposal
turned out to be just perfect, still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy
inside even after nearly six years of marriage.

We had been together for just under two
months. To say it was a whirlwind romance would be a great
understatement. I was in England for a semester, doing a study abroad
program from my university in U.S.A. (The picture attached is that of
Wroxton Abbey where I was staying at the time.)

Ross and I met in MSN UK chat room, no
idea of romance, just as friends. But we ended up talking all night,
every night, for about two weeks, and then I went to see him for a
weekend. It was a “friend” visit, and that friendship lasted for
about 2 hours after we met, and our relationship graduated to
boyfriend and girlfriend. This was at the end of October.

I had agreed to stay with Ross for
Christmas, and return to New Jersey in January. On December 12, when
I was supposed to leave the college and go stay with Ross, he
suggested we go for a walk in the grounds. It was drizzling slightly.
But I loved walking in those grounds, so we went. A little bit into
our walk, he asked me for my glove, said his hand was freezing. I
gave it to him. It should have alerted me, but at the time it just
didn’t occur to me that it was a silly request since my glove
wasn’t going to fit onto his hand. I was just so lost in the
moment; logic had no place in it. It was my last day at Wroxton, and
though I was thrilled to go stay with Ross, I knew I would miss that

We walked up to my favourite spot in
the grounds; a little mount where I always went to sit. When we
climbed up, ignoring the muddy ground, Ross went down on one knee and
asked me if I would marry him.

It was a perfect moment. A movie
proposal – with gorgeous abbey in the background, green grounds
where it was just the two of us, slight drizzle which is annoying
usually but romantic in this situation, and Ross down on his knee,
asking me to be his wife.

Of course I said yes.

When we returned to the abbey, I went
to say goodbye to my professors and classmates, and told them about
the engagement; one of the girls told me I was glowing. I was 19. I
had never thought I would get married young. Ross had always believed
that he never wanted to get married. And yet there we were…engaged.

Thanks so much for sharing your engagement story, Dolly. So very romantic…. *sigh*

You can connect with Dolly on her web site (linked above), at one of her blogs, Writer Revealed and Journal Addict , on Twitter @DollyGarland and on Facebook .

Was your engagement romantic? Funny? Awkward? Share in the comments, if you’d like.

6 comments on “Everyday Romance: A Perfect Proposal

  1. Dolly


    Thanks for the opportunity to guest post 🙂 And I love talking about my engagemnt story…brings it all back 😉

  2. Kristin Callender

    That is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck & love to you both Dolly & Ross 🙂

  3. Dolly

    Shannon & Kristin,

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Carol

    How utterly romantic! You’re a very lucky woman. 😉

  5. Erica

    Oh I missed this one. I was on vacation. This is soooo sweet Dolly! What a great proposal story ;o) I love the pic too…