Everyday Romance: All My Exes

Okay, so I don’t really have many “exes”. I never dated much in high school or college – not for lack of willingness; I was just more “one of the guys” than “one of the girls that guys wanted to date”. My best buddies were all guys, and the ones who did show interest were nice guys I had no interest in dating. Murphy’s Law, and all that. The guys I’ve dated even just once don’t take up all the fingers on one hand.

I think it’s natural to be curious about what happened to people we used to know (or that hot Italian guy with the insanely great long curly hair I danced with one nice at the bar, never to even know his name – sigh). And with the internet, it’s fairly easy these days to track people down without them knowing you’re tracking them down. Interesting if you’re the one looking, potentially annoying if you’re the one being looked for.

One of my exes contacted me many years ago to ask if I wanted to have a “discrete affair”. You may correctly assume that we broke up because he wasn’t good marriage material (still isn’t, apparently). My first boyfriend was kind of a freaky character who is now, not surprisingly, very much into guns and weapons, and the second guy I ever dated is now sort of a hippie who wants to live in a yurt. He also prefers men – which is why his short marriage to an acquaintance didn’t really work out.

Right about now you’re probably thinking, “Good thing she didn’t date more often – she sure knew how to pick ‘em!” And I’d have to agree. My husband is my fourth and final boyfriend, and while he has his quirks, he’s not going to start collecting weapons, move us to a commune or sleep with other people (not without permission, anyways). At least I was smart enough to hold on to the good one…

In any case, my experiences with my exes have provided some good story fodder, so I can’t complain. I never use just one person to base any character on, but parts of their personalities or quirks have been added to others when I create characters on occasion.

What about you? Have you looked up your exes to see what they became after you? What’s the most memorable thing you recall about one of your exes?

4 comments on “Everyday Romance: All My Exes

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    That hot Italian guy sounds a lot like my husband, LOL!
    My dating history was full of extremes. They were either one-night stands or long term relationships. It seemed that if a guy had a taste of me he either wanted to run away or keep me forever. There was no middle ground.
    I met my first love when I was fourteen and we ended up reuniting and marrying when I was 18. We had an awesome son, but it didn’t work out.
    I also had a stint with a hippie-type, but he wanted me to be his mother.
    Another boyfriend, who was as pretty as his lies, ended up having a son with my best friend. Because he’s an ass, he’s out of the picture. His son and mine are buddies.
    My husband was supposed to be a one-night stand, but it’s been seven years and I’m still head over heels.
    Oh, and the guy who dumped me the day before Junior prom for the town bicycle is still trying to track me down to apologize.
    Life is interesting.

  2. Dolly

    Love reading your romance posts 🙂

    I think I will keep the details to myself, but suffice to say that I’ve always been the serious relationship material. No casualness for moi.

  3. Carol

    I met my husband while I was in high school and married him two weeks after I wrote my last exam.

    Jeez I’m boring! :-p

  4. Meg

    I haven’t looked up any of my exes, one found me last year to ask about military life.

    Lots of a great story fodder, most best fit for a thriller rather than a romance novel. 😀