Everyday Romance: Favorite Fun Dates

Something fun for this week – what is/would be your favorite “fun” date to go on?

Things that make my list include:

  • Wandering around a corn maze (maize)

  • A trip to the drive-in movies (preferably in a classic car)

  • Visit to the local specialty candy shop

  • Mini-golf!

  • A night at the fair

One of my favorite dates ever was the time my husband and I drove down to Cody, WY in his classic Chrysler (with fins!) and went to the drive-in theater. That was before the one here in down opened. It was a double feature, and a great time all around. I’ll admit, it might have been more fun if we hadn’t had another couple for company.

Do tell – what’s the most fun you’ve had or want to have on a date?

2 comments on “Everyday Romance: Favorite Fun Dates

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    Oh, you’re so lucky to have a drive-in theater! Yeah, that’d be in my top dream dates.
    I’d have to say that our most romantic date was our Seattle honeymoon last June.

  2. Erica

    Oh I love mini-golf. Actually I like regular golf too! I like sports related dates.

    Corn maze! We have one of those over here too ;o)