Everyday Romance: Giving Thanks

Here in the USA, tomorrow is our Thanksgiving. We eat a lot, basically, take the day off, and reflect on what it is in our lives that we’re truly thankful for. I’m thankful for a good many things myself, including the wonderful people who read this blog regularly, whether you comment or not. Thank you for reading. J

When was the last time you said the words, “Thank you”?


To me, verbalizing “thank you” isn’t just a sign of gratitude. It’s a sign of respect, and an acknowledgement that the other person was under no obligation to do whatever they did. If my husband buys dinner or vacuums, I thank him. If I get him a glass of water or make him dinner, he thanks me. Even the little things are important, in my opinion – because saying the words both tells the other person you’re grateful, and reinforces in your own mind that the other person didn’t *have* to do whatever it was they did. It makes us more appreciative all around, I think, and helps to keep us from taking those little things for granted.


I think we all know couples who do take each other for granted – I’m sad every time I see it, because so often taking the little things for granted fosters selfishness and disrespect. When we don’t say thank you, we tend to start thinking the other person is *obligated* to do those things for us, and then when they don’t or can’t, we get bitter, selfishly demanding things of them and claiming they don’t love us if they don’t do as we wish. There is no “right way” down this path, in my opinion. It’s a downhill spiral to the end.


And of course there’s the rebellious child in all of us that says, “He didn’t thank me, why should I thank him?” To which I say – it has to start somewhere, and it may as well be with me.


When was the last time you told your spouse/significant other/best friend – or even just the wait-staff at a restaurant “Thank You”?

4 comments on “Everyday Romance: Giving Thanks

  1. SidniM

    Hi Jamie, you’re so right. Saying please and thank you to our spouses is one of those niceties that shouldn’t stop once you settle in as a couple, get married, etc. My husband and I always do so and I know that it kind of surprises other couples we are around who just sort of boss each other around. What’s really nice is that our little girl just automatically thanks us when we give her something or do something for her–because she hears it all the time.

  2. Brooklyn Ann

    I say “thank you” all the time. None of my exes ever did. But my husband sometimes does.

  3. Medeia Sharif

    I’m big on thanking. Even if I’m surrounded by toxic people who are ungrateful, I don’t follow suit.

  4. Jamie D.

    Thanks for your comments, ladies. 😉