Everyday Romance: Happy to be Single

Yes, I know this is a romance-themed blog…or romantically suspenseful, anyways (you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been over-thinking genre labels recently). And yet I think that some of the most suspenseful times in anyone’s life is when we’re single. Single and looking, single and content – either way, there’s always the *anticipation* of a not-entirely-platonic relationship, no matter how casual it might be.  

Most romance novels start out with unattached heros and heroines – or if they are attached, it’s generally not very tightly. The story is in the meeting, the chase, the push and pull of whether or not things will work out. In a romance novel, they always do. In real life, there’s a chance that it won’t – and that’s okay.


You heard me. I said it’s okay when a relationship doesn’t work out, and we find ourselves single again. Sure, it sucks dirt when that happens and we have to cry and get mad and grieve and  pick ourselves back up, but with every relationship, there are lessons learned, memories made, and experiences that add to the core of who we are. At the end, we regain something special – that anticipation for what…or who…might be waiting around the next corner. That particular anticipation is not something people in a stable, long-term relationship generally experience (there are other types of anticipation in that situation).

If you’re single – are you content? Is the suspense of waiting to see if that special someone will show up killing you, or do you embrace the anticipation, and watch eagerly for your next connection, no matter how long it might last?

2 comments on “Everyday Romance: Happy to be Single

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    I love/ hate that suspenseful part of life. Since I’m one of those people who seem to be incapable of being single it never lasted too long. 🙂

  2. Heidi

    I am happily single. It wasn’t easy to get here, and there was a lot of angst, but I find myself unwilling to give up my freedom. I’m a happily single mom, and I make the rules. I’m the boss applesauce. I think that there is some excitement in the back of my mind because I am so much stronger now then ever before that it would take a very strong and secure man to temp me to give up my current utopia – that in itself is a new excitement.