Everyday Romance: He Said/She Said

He Said/She Said

This week we’re interviewing Brooklyn and her fiancé Damian about the role that romance plays in their relationship. Grab a cuppa and pull up a chair for a look at love from both perspectives…

How/when did you two meet?

He said:
I first met Brooklyn at a New Years Eve party. I was at the work bench making a homemade firework.

She said: After midnight, at a New Year’s kegger with my ex husband, ex fiancé, and best gay friend in tow. If that isn’t strange enough, Damian doesn’t drink or stay up late, so it had to be fate.

Was it love at first sight, or did it take awhile to develop?

He said: It took a little time, but not long. She is a very beautiful person inside and out.

She said: It was definitely lust at first sight. He gave me butterflies in my tummy from the second I laid eyes on him. He was listening to heavy metal and I sat by him and tried not to blush and giggle. After awhile he asked if that my husband with me. I said we were divorcing. After another long silence, he gave me his phone number.

Tell us about the first kiss you shared – good, bad, or really, really awkward?

He said: Our first kiss was a little awkward but was good.

She said: It turned out that I worked down the street from his house. Since I hadn’t yet moved out of my ex-husband’s apartment, he visited me at work. We were talking and suddenly he said, “I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself.” Then he kissed me. It was totally movie-romantic…except that he had bad breath.

What are the top three things that you love about your sweetie?

He said: She knows what her dreams are and she goes for them. She is very determined. She loves to fish and hunt mushrooms with me in the spring time.

She said:
1.)    His never ending support for who I am and what I do.
2.)    His love for my son.
3.)    His devastating good looks.

What are the three most annoying habits of your “better half”?

He said: She will take her empty beer bottles to the kitchen and leave them on the counter just a couple of feet from the garbage can but not in the can. She leaves her dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor when there is a perfectly good dirty laundry basket in the bathroom. She leaves half eaten food on plates and half eaten soups in bowls on the counter to get all nasty!

She said:
1.)    His temper. He’s Italian and loud.
2.)    His snoring/ loud Darth Vader breathing when he sleeps.
3.)    He’ll do a bunch of laundry, but won’t fold or put it away.

What is the most romantic thing that he/she has ever done for you?

He said: She painted a picture of my Siamese twin cats Frick and Frack after they passed away from cancer.

She said: Before I moved in with him, I started restoring my 1980 Datsun 210 in my apartment parking lot. Everyone else laughed at me. Damian towed “Little Beast” to his house and gave me the keys to his tool shed. ::swoon::

What’s your favorite nickname for him/her?  

He said: Brook

She said: Sexy man.

Is there a song you consider “yours” as a couple?

He said: Be together from Joseph Israel always makes me think of her the most but there isn’t a song that we consider to be our song.

She said: We don’t really have one together, but Led Zeppelin’s  “Thank You” makes me think of him. I plan on walking down the aisle to Tori Amos’ cover to it.

What’s your favorite way to make up after a fight?

He said: Hot raunchy sex! Of course.

She said: Some crazy hot lovin’.

Tell us about the proposal.

He said: I just handed her a ring and asked, but that wasn’t good enough so I ended up having to ask two more times.

She said:  He’s actually proposed 3 times. The first time, he gave me a ring for Christmas. Since he’d vowed never to marry again, and it wasn’t a diamond ring, I put it on my right ring finger. After awhile he said, “Shouldn’t that go on your other hand?”
Still disbelieving, I said “okay?” and put it on my left finger.
He then said, “Is that a yes?”

Two months later, he had one of his infamous “mantrums” and I returned the ring and he threw it out in the snow. Later he borrowed his dad’s metal detector and found it. I refused to put it back on until he proposed right.

Almost a year later when we were getting ready to go to my company Christmas party, he got down on one knee and proposed.
Later, when working on a car, the stone fell out of the ring.

That fall, his grandmother passed away and left him one of her engagement rings. He got down on one knee and proposed again.

What would you consider the most romantic and/or meaningful part of your wedding day?

He said: We are not yet married but the date is set for the end of May.

She said: Getting married on May 30th.  I’m sure all of it will be awesome.

What is the most romantic thing your sweetie does for you on a daily basis?

He said: She makes sure that I have a good day.

She said: He kisses me several times a day. I need that.

Do you have any tips to share for keeping romance alive from day to day?

He said: No advice, just keep it real with each other.

She said: Tell your partner you love him/her every day.

Thanks so much to Brooklyn & Damian for sharing with us today. I don’t know about you, but I swooned when I read their answers.  Best of luck to the both of you for a wonderful life together!

You can contact Brooklyn on Twitter @Annarkie , and at her blog: Supernatural Smut. She also blogs at Paranormal Pretties.

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