Everyday Romance: He Said/She Said with Adam & Rhaina

We have a special last-minute schedule change today that I think you’ll all enjoy. You may remember a few months ago when we chatted with Adam and Rhaina about their online romance. Now they’ve met, and we’re following up with them today to see how the meeting went, and where they’re headed from here. Settle in – romance is in the air!

You basically “dated” online for 10 months before you met in person. What was the first thing that went through your mind when you finally saw each other in “real life”?

Adam: The first thing that went through my head was, “Don’t mess this up, don’t mess this up, don’t mess this up!” Then when I saw her, it was disbelief that she was actually right in front of me after all this time.

Rhaina: “He looks just like he did on cam!”

What surprised you the most about the other person when you met?

Adam: Her height! She’s nearly six feet tall, and I knew that already, but it still surprised me. No back pain from bending all the time for me! (I’m six two)

Rhaina: I can honestly say, I never got any surprises. Oh wait! The Chanel earrings Adam gave me, surprised me.

What was exactly the same as you expected it to be?

Adam: Pretty much, I think. She was exactly the same person that she was online. If anything, she was cheerier.

Rhaina: His personality, which was refreshing to finally experience in person.

How did your relationship change once you’d been around each other physically for a few days?

Adam: I think it intensified. Talking and seeing each other on webcams was enough to know I loved her, but being able to hold and kiss her, or sit on her couch and just natter… That was perfect.

Rhaina: I think we finally knew that we were for each other and everything online was worth it.

Congratulations on your recent engagement! We’re dying to hear about the proposal…

Adam: Thank you! There wasn’t really a proposal to begin with. We had both decided a while back that, providing the meeting went well, we’d want to further the relationship. On the last day of my stay in Canada, we decided to make it official, and informed the folks and updated Facebook. I actually didn’t think to propose until I was back in England, so I did it over MSN. Not quite the story you’d hoped for, eh?

Rhaina: He asked and I said yes. I didn’t hesitate. It felt right for me.

I detect a slightly more frantic/impatient note in your online communications now. How are you coping with being apart now that you’re planning to be together soon?

Adam: Being apart sucks! We both knew it would be hard to go back to just MSN and cams after we’d met in the flesh, but bloody hell, I didn’t think it would be THIS hard. Knowing that it’s only temporary is the only thing that helps.

Rhaina: I hate it! But I am taking steps to be with him and that helps.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others who have met online, and are either preparing to meet the other person for the first time, or are dealing with a serious long-distance relationship now? 

Adam: Ignore those that either don’t understand online relationships, or have read one too many horror stories, and seize the opportunity with both hands. Yes, it’s risky if you haven’t been talking for long, but be sensible and you’ll be fine. As for long-distance relationships… Anyone who says it’s not too hard is a liar! That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, though.

Rhaina: Go for what feels right. You never know. That person could be the one.

*Happy sigh* Thanks so much for sharing with us, both of you. Such a romantic story you have (yes, even the “proposal that wasn’t).  I wish you all the best for many happy years together. 

Feel free to leave comments and good wishes for our happy couple in the comments! You can contact Adam through his blog , and Rhaina at her blog as well.

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  1. Adam

    Yay! Thanks for putting this up, Jamie! 😀


  2. Carol

    Now that’s romance!

    You guys are just too adorable for words!

  3. Adam

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  4. SidniM

    Such a sweet love story. I think they did the whole online dating thing perfectly–lots of “dating” and web cam visits included.

  5. Samantha Hunter

    Love it! My husband and I met online 17 years ago, so it’s nice to see people are still falling in love over the internet, and reading your story brought back a lot of memories for me. We knew it was “right” right off, too, though we didn’t stay long distance for long — he moved in after driving back and forth for 3 months. 😉

    Best of luck to you guys!

  6. Adam

    Thanks all! 🙂


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    Awwww! You guys are so adorable ;o) What a great story!

    Let’s hope we can get you guys in the same place soon ;o)

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    YAY! Thanks for the follow up. I can’t quit grinning. You’re right – it’s NOT too hard. It’s HARD. Yes. Definitely. But never too hard for a relationship that’s worth it.

    Best of luck to you both. Don’t listen to any detractors. Relationships can develop just as well online if both parties are invested and open.

  11. Adam

    Thank you, Rhoni! 🙂


  12. Ana Goncalves

    So good to hear about your experiences individually, and how you feel for one another and how each other makes one feel.
    Thank you so much for the Interview Jamie. 🙂

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