Everyday Romance: He Said/She Said with Erica & Ron

This week we’re interviewing Erica Chapman and her husband Ron about the role that romance plays in their relationship. Grab a cuppa and pull up a chair for a look at love from both perspectives.

How/when did you meet?

He said:

        We first met through her roommate, Stacy.  She’d been a friend of mine for about 2 years through some other friends.  Our senior year had just started and I was over visiting a mutual friend, Kerri, so I called Stacy over so we could all hang out.  She asked if it was OK to bring her new roommate.  Stacy and Erica showed up with their boyfriends.

She said:

       We met through friends in college. We saw each other at the bar and we went to a party where I proceeded to yank him out to the steps to talk, that’s where our first kiss was too ;o)

Was it love at first sight, or did it take awhile to develop?

He said: 

        It developed.  I always thought she was cute, but she had a boyfriend when we first met and I was already seeing a couple of other girls.  We’d run into each other a few times from our initial meeting until we actually went on our first date.

She said:

        Oh no love at first sight. I’m not a believer in that, to be honest. It went quick though. We were engaged only after about 7 months, married the next year.

Tell us about the first kiss you shared – good, bad, or really, really awkward? 

He said:

        One night at Blackstone, my friend Sean wanted to talk to her friend Jen O so I said OK and we went over and talked with them.  We went over and started talking to them.  They knew of an after hours party so we went over there with them.  Erica and I started talking and then we went out of them stairs so it was a bit more quiet.  Don’t remember all the details, but I said I liked to cook, I dressed well back then, and I worked at Abercrombie.  She kept teasing me “Are you sure you’re not gay?  Kiss me to prove you’re not.”  And then we kissed.  It was sweet.

She said:

        It’s funny. He had worked at Abercrombie and loved to cook, loved fashion. So I was like, are you gay? Hmm let’s find out *smooch* nope, he was straight. Disclaimer: I wouldn’t have cared if he was gay, but I wanted to make sure before pursuing him. Ya know?

What are the top three things that you love about each other?

He said:

1)      She’s a strong person.  She’s gone through a lot in her years and she’s still such an upbeat and happy person.

2)      She’s a very honest person.  I don’t have to worry too much if she’s not telling me something or sugarcoating it. 

3)      She’s outgoing.  It helps draw me out more and makes life a bit more interesting. 

She said:

  1. He gets me (my weird sense of humor) my jokes, how I am
  2. He’s a wonderful caregiver. When I had heart surgery, or anytime I’m sick, he’s the best. Always bringing me what I need, comforting me, making sure my pillow is just right. He’s the best caregiver. Rivals any nurse I’ve had at the hospital. When I was stuck in ICU for days after my heart surgery, he was there with a stack of books, ready to wait and just be there, even if I didn’t talk much to him. That’s real love. Plus, I looked like death, and he still told me I was beautiful. He’s a great liar. LOL
  3. He’s supportive. It’s so important to have someone support your dreams. He’s always done that, no matter how outrageous they’ve been. ;0)

*Bonus – He loves animals, kids and his mom.

What are the three most annoying habits of your honey?

He said:

1)      Being late.  She’s always late.

2)      When she’s driving, watching the road is #2 or #3 on her list of things to do. That’s why I read for any trip over 10 minutes.  I’m a bad backseat driver.

3)      Overly dramatic aka drama queen.  It’s annoying, but it’s who she is.  It’s de-sensitized me to anyone complaining about anything.

She said:

  1. Hmmm, he’s a bit frugal. Okay I’m being nice. LOL
  2. I’d need a hazmat suit to enter his bathroom
  3. He’s a backseat driver. We’ve had to instill a new policy where he reads while I drive, it’s worked well.

What is the most romantic thing that your sweetheart has ever done for you?

He said:

        Romantic?  Ummmm… I’m a guy.  Not sure.  I’m not a romantic person.  The sweetest thing and the thing I always liked the most is that she said I could get a Rottweiler.  I’m far from a romantic guy and you’ll most likely see by looking at her answers. 

She said:

        We’re not really romantic, but it’s the every day things that count. When he comes home with my    favorite shake, or coffee. When he brings flowers home. The cards he gives me for my Birthday/Anniversary, they always say such nice, sincere things in them.

What’s your favorite nickname for your “better half”? 

He said: 

       I call her honey more than I call her Erica.  That’s the only name I’ve ever called her before besides her name, at least when we weren’t arguing. 

She said:

      Honey (I know original) LOL

Is there a song you consider “yours” as a couple?

He said: 

        If there is one, it’s “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.  It was our first dance song.  We don’t like the same music at all, so finding a current song we both like would be next to impossible.

She said:

       Well I picked out our wedding song. It was “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. I’d be surprised (and impressed) if he remembers that ;o)

What’s your favorite way to make up after a fight?

He said: 

        I’m not sure really.  I get over things really quick.  It annoys the crap out of Erica.  I’m happy when we can sit there, hang out and be normal.  If it’s a bad fight, normally she’s leave the room and I’ll let her sit there for awhile.  I’ll pop in later.  If she’s awake I’ll offer to bring her something to drink or ask what she wants for dinner.  If she’s asleep, she’ll normally be a bit better than she wakes up.

She said: 

        Laughing at each other. I’m glad we can still do it. He doesn’t hold a grudge, like at all. But me? Yeah, it’s hard. We could have a huge fight and after, I’m steaming and he’s like “You thirsty? Do you want me to bring you a Coke?” What? Seriously. LOL Gotta love that.

Tell us about the proposal.

He said:

        Well, I wanted to surprise her with the ring so I left work early to head down to the jewelry store in Battle Creek.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, as I’m getting ready to turn into the mall, Erica left work early too and drove by me.  Surprise ruined.  Not her fault though.  The proposal was pretty lack luster.  I don’t even remember if I got on a knee.  I was pretty bummed and a bit nervous too.  I think she asked me if I was going to wait all night to give her the ring or something along those lines so I just went over to get it and asked her to marry me.  We’d only been together for about 6 months at that point, but we were also going to North Carolina and going to live together.

She said:  

        Well, I picked out the ring (are you sensing a theme… LOL), so I did know it was going to happen. I found the ring 3 times on accident (he had been planning on asking), so he kept having to hide it again. Finally, he proposed. It was simple and sweet.

What do you consider the most romantic and/or meaningful part of your wedding day?

He said:

        Seeing her walking down the aisle.  It all seemed a bit surreal.  Heck, that whole day is a blur.  I only remember a few parts of that whole day and that one sticks out by far the most.  A few tears fell when I was watching her walk down the aisle.  It just made it all so real and I felt as happy as I’d ever been.

She said:

       Well all of it, being there with our family and friends. It was a wonderful day without a hitch (which for me was the amazing part) LOL

What is the most romantic thing your sweetie does for you on a daily basis?

He said:

        Married people do romantic things for each other on a daily basis?  Uh-oh.  We’re slacking.  She just does little things.  If she sees I need a hand with something, she’ll normally help.

She said:

        He makes dinner for me almost every day, he even brings it to me sometimes ;o) He’s a fabulous cook! Good thing too, cause I suck. Like. A lot.

Do you have any tips to share for keeping romance alive from day to day?

He said:

        Communicate with each other.  Good, bad, or ugly.  It might not be romantic, but it keeps major problems from coming up.  Major things seem to happen and they’ve been lurking there for awhile.  Also, respect each other and show it.  I know that’s always been one of my weaknesses (the showing it part) and I know Erica really appreciates when I do show her that. 

She said:

       Keep it real, don’t share a bathroom, laugh a lot ;o)

Thanks so much to Erica and Ron for sharing with us – what a sweet and open peek into your relationship.

You can catch up with Erica around the web at her web site , her blog , Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to leave comments!

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    Erica and Ron I wish you both a very happy married life forever. 🙂

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