Everyday Romance: It All Started in Azeroth

We welcome Rhoni to the blog today to share the story of how she and her husband met and fell in love…grab a cuppa and settle in for a lovely story.

It’s not unusual these days to hear of couples who have met online. So when my husband, Jon, and I mention we were living across the country from each other when we met, few people flinch; then we tell them we met in World of Worldcraft. Without our mutual acquaintances behind the pixilated avatars inhabiting the fictional land of Azeroth, we never would have been aware of the other’s existence, much less struck up the conversation that soon moved into real life. We quickly graduated from IM chats, to text, to phone calls & web cam chats. Approximately a month, and several hundred hours of conversation later, Jon “accidentally” declared his love…a story in and of itself. That began the longest two months of my – I dare say OUR – life as we planned for his visit…and for us to actually MEET. After two interminable months, our one week together flew past. Before he left we made plans for him to return the next month but decided we wouldn’t say “goodbye” again. That trip ended with us packing what would fit into my car and driving across country with my kid and cat to settle in his home town.

Exactly a year after Jon let the “L” word slip, we were married. We just celebrated our one year anniversary. Neither of us plays WoW very often now. It’s still FUN but we’re more invested in what’s going on outside the screen now. In fact, Jon re-introduced me to my first love, reading, when he introduced me the owners of CKY Books . I use a portion of my spare time socializing about books while simultaneously helping out some friends. My husband is the center of my life but reading is an important aspect. And it all started in Azeroth.

Thanks so much for joining us today, Rhoni, and sharing your story. Your photo is just adorable, and your story made me sigh. Best wishes for more happiness to both of you! 

You can leave a comment for Rhoni, or catch up with her on twitter @CKYBooks or at the CKY Books blog.

10 comments on “Everyday Romance: It All Started in Azeroth

  1. Cynthia Schuerr

    This is so great! You never know when the love bug will bite and it’s always a happy occasion when it does. Happy 1st anniversary and many more to you.:-)

  2. Annarkie

    What a wonderful and unique story! That month of waiting to meet him had to have been torture.

  3. Jon

    The photograph was taken on my phone in a local sports bar. We liked it so much, we used it on our wedding invites. 🙂

  4. stacy

    What a sweet and magical story, congrats on the anniversary wishing you many many more.

  5. Cynthia Reese

    Very cool and sweet story … glad things have worked out!

    Oh, and Jamie, I’ve left you a little something on my blog … please come and check it out!

  6. Medeia Sharif

    What a unique, chance encounter. Congrats on your anniversary.

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  8. Rhoni at CKYBooks

    Thanks for the sweet comments! The whole situation was one of the craziest I’ve ever been in…and the most rewarding.

    And yeah – the picture was on our wedding invites…taken w/a cell phone. Again. Crazy!

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