Everyday Romance: Small Moments

This week, Kristin Callendar is sharing what romance means to her. Grab a cuppa and sit with us awhile…

When Jamie asked me to be a part of her EverydayRomance series I was excited. I am a sucker for romance, love happyendings in stories and movies. But, in real life we don’t want to rushto the ending (I sure don’t). I try to find the happiness and theromance in the day to day.  The best part of life is learning to enjoythe journey, love is no different.

My husband and I will be married 20 years thisJuly 4th, yeah we loved the irony of getting married on IndependenceDay. Over these years we have had four children and many ups anddowns. Our definition of romance has changed since the sweaty palmed,first kiss days. The roses and cutesy stuffed animals are great, butwith a large family and a budget being stretched thin in a milliondifferent directions I couldn’t look at those things the same afterabout 5 years of getting them. They were nice gestures, but alsoequivalent to the cost of the phone bill or a tank full of gas. Not tomention I am a notorious flower killer
I’m not completely jaded (or as I callit, practical) I still enjoy the occasional surprise, but what I reallylove are the day to day gifts we give each other. Those momentsthat say, “I still care” and, “I was thinking about you” mean more tome than any dust gathering trinket or vase of wilting flowers.  
What are these gifts? They are the simplethings, like coming back in for a goodbye kiss before leaving for work,calling just to see how the day is going, or even putting a beer in thefreezer after a long day of yard work. Our monetary gifts have becomemore practical, a big squishy bike seat for me or for him a basketfilled with all of those gross snacks I conveniently *forget* to buy inthe weekly shopping trips.  These may not seem like tokens of romanceto many, but to us they mean a lot.  
Who knows, maybe our definition of romance isstill evolving. Maybe as our kids grow and money is not so tight we’llbuy more frivolous gifts for each other. In the mean time I think weare happier finding these small gestures throughout our days instead ofwaiting for a holiday or birthday to show each other how we feel. Trustme, after 20 years of marriage, it’s all those seemingly small momentsthat you remember. All those moments that make you smile and sigh arepriceless.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Kristin. I completely agree -it’s the little moments that really keep that connection strong betweentwo people over the years.

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What are some of your favorite small romantic moments?

10 comments on “Everyday Romance: Small Moments

  1. Cynthia Schuerr

    Kristin, I agree! The small moments bring about romance. Even though I have been out of a relationship for the past ten years, I make my own romance. I plan time to treat myself with kid gloves.

    Jamie, thank you for this guest post. It reminded me that I need to plan one of those days soon.

  2. Rhoni at CKYBooks

    Aww…I love reading these entries but this one especially struck me. What a wonderful example you guy set.

  3. Kristin Callender

    Thanks for your comment Cynthia. It is also important to take time & do small thoughtful things for ourselves. Thanks for that reminder 🙂

  4. Kristin Callender

    Hi Rhoni. Thank you for reading. I’m glad it touched you. All of these small things really mean a lot. 🙂

  5. Shannon O'Donnell

    Oh, this is such a sweet post! And yes – romance is best when it’s done through the small and simple things. 🙂

  6. Kristin Callender

    Hi Shannon, Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. There’s nothing wrong with the big jestures either, as long as we continue to see the daily ones 🙂

  7. Carol

    That’s very sweet, and you’re right, it is the little things that keeps romance alive for the long haul.

  8. Medeia Sharif

    This post made me smile. Small moments are meaningful, and you seem to have great ones with your husband.

  9. Dani H

    Lovely, Kristin. Holding hands, a kiss on your nose, a light pat on your rear end in passing… the gift of touch is what meant the most to me. 😉

  10. Meg

    I agree!

    We’re only working on 5 years of marriage, but we gave up the stuffed animals and silly gifts last year.

    The little stuff seems to mean so much more.