Everyday Romance: Surprise!

When was the last time you surprised someone you love? For me, it’s been awhile, and I’ve been pondering what sort of thing I should do for my husband this time “just because”. In the past I’ve hidden love letters and notes for him, gotten us new “toys” to play with, bought new lingerie, taken him out for dinner, brought home something I knew he wanted…all of the usual stuff.

He’s changing jobs in the next couple of weeks, and taking some time off between – and our anniversary is this weekend (Saturday or Sunday…I can never remember exactly which date. My parents will remind us, I’m sure). We don’t exchange gifts, so he’s not expecting anything (we normally just do a nice dinner, and we’ll still do that).  But I’m leaning towards ordering a new toy and making him wait to open the box until I get home from work one day this week, just for something fun and exciting. It’s not just my characters and readers I like to torture with suspense.

So tell me – when’s the last time you surprised a loved one with something fun? What are your favorite ways to surprise people?

4 comments on “Everyday Romance: Surprise!

  1. Sidni

    How timely! My husband works out of town on and off. He’d been about three hours away all week long so my daughter and I decided to drive up on Sunday evening to suprise him. I was sick of sleeping alone and we needed a “family time” fix. He was really suprised and I loved the adventure of it all!

  2. Linda B


  3. cardboardtubeknight

    I think I used to do it from time to time to this one girl I feel really strongly about. She’s never dated me and we’ve always been friends but when I just was in the mood to I would send her little notes telling her “you’re beautiful” or other things. I wrote a poem for her, despite my poems being utter crap and I used to tell her I loved her every day. It was kind of odd considering. She finally said it back one day and I was so proud.

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