Everyday Romance: Working Together

Do you work well with your significant other? On anything, I mean. Home improvement projects to dinner to day job type stuff…it’s not always easy to work as a team, even when you know the other person as well as you know yourself, but it’s hardly unavoidable when you live together (unless you can afford to hire things done, in which case I’m jealous. So is my husband.).

My husband and I each have our quirks when it comes to working together – sometimes, such as last weekend when we pulled the office apart to remove the carpet – it works just fine. Other times (Halloween decorating, anyone?), it gets a little…weird. We have completely different styles of approaching projects (household projects, to be specific), and sometimes we aren’t efficient because we’re trying to stay out of each other’s way.  Obviously the key to working effectively on any project with anyone is communication. More often than not, if we run into problems it’s a lack of communication that causes them.


What gets in your way when you and your spouse work together? Or do you just avoid the issue and work on projects separately as much as possible?

4 comments on “Everyday Romance: Working Together

  1. Kelly B

    I am lucky, the hubs and I work really well together. I am about the vision and grunt work and he is about the doing it right, so this approach works for us.

  2. Brooklyn Ann

    I worked for my husband’s drywall company in the summers when I was in college. And we often collaborate on meals. So I guess we work well together 🙂

  3. Dolly

    We do different things – because we are very very different, with different skill set, and absolutely different way to approach things. On things we do work together, one person is usually the leader. For example – anything handy work related, he is (if I touch any of it at all), but organising, I am. I am not really a team player 😛 hence I love writing job!!

  4. Kristin Callender

    When it comes to day to day, we work well together. We love cooking a big meal. Bigger projects we need more planning & sometimes separate tasks to get things done w/o driving each other crazy 🙂