Fantasy Ranch: Meet Harlan “Harley” Majors

This is an expanded version of the character profile included in the last Variety News.

Book: The Biker’s Wench
Height: 6′ 2″
Hair Color: Light brown, shoulder length
Style: Casual, jeans & t-shirt, or leathers when working/riding

Majors is all about giving people a break from their mundane lives. He
knows what it’s like to work a soulless office job and is determined
never to do that again. He started Fantasy Ranch as a place for adults
to get away from it all and live another life, even if only for a few
hours. His favorite place to work and hang out is “Double D”, the
biker-themed bar and original theme destination for the ranch.

loves women. And he has a hard time fending off the myriads of ladies
who are attracted to his rough and tumble appearance. Unfortunately,
it’s no secret that he co-owns the ranch, and lately he’s had nothing
but bad luck with women who set out to seduce him for his money – some
of them married. Needless to say, he’s adopted a “hands off” policy
toward anyone of the female persuasion, but is constantly amazed at the
lengths they will to through to trap him in situations where it’s his
word against theirs in court. Most of the time he wins, but it’s still a
huge hassle, and he can’t trust anyone anymore.

lawyers have advised him that the best way to stop the nearly endless
stream of frivolous law suits is to settle down with a wife, preferably
one he can at least act like he’s totally in love with in public. If
people get word he’s unavailable, the gold-diggers will find easier
prey. He’s willing to pay someone to play the part if it means an end to
the constant court battles, but it can’t be just anyone. It has to be
someone who can play the part of a doting wife, yet keep the
relationship in the proper perspective. Someone like a well-paid
employee, with everything provided so she won’t need his money.

Then one night a not-so-charming wench literally runs into him…

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2 comments on “Fantasy Ranch: Meet Harlan “Harley” Majors

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Harley reminds me of a former lover I had many years ago. We parted on semi-okay terms and when I read about Harley I remember many pleasant “rolls in the hay.” It makes me “hot” too. Harley is a really HOT character.

  2. Brooklyn Ann

    Wow, Harley is definitely a sexy, sympathetic character! I can’t wait to hear more about the “wench.”