Frantic Writing, Feed Readers & Green Pasta

Everyone have fun celebrating the “green” holiday?

Being a fairly organized person is both a blessing and a curse. The
blessing part is obvious, but the curse part is that I always *think* I
have more time than I actually do, and I always seem to take on more
than I have time for. This phenomenon tends to happen when everything is
running like smoothly, because the perk of using habitual routines to
take care of the day-to-day stuff is that you *do* have more free time.
And then you decide you can do just one more thing, and that “one thing”
ends up taking more time than the space allotted, or something else
takes up more room, cutting the space you gave to that “one thing”

Yeah. It’s a snowball effect. And I am the master (mistress?) of too many projects snowballing out of control.

And that’s why I spent a good chunk of this past weekend writing
(including nearly all day/night St. Patrick’s Day), when I normally take
weekends off. My little three-way holiday serial story series was only
1/3 done by Friday, so I had to hustle to get the other two stories
written (and the last one didn’t go up until after midnight, dang it). I
misjudged both the time it would take me to get them done, and the
amount of time I had to do them, which is what got me into that
particular predicament…

Needless to say, I’ll be working on the Easter installments *this*
week, so that they’re done in time for a Friday post, and I won’t have
to be frantically writing them when I’m supposed to be social with
family. Except…that might actually be a good excuse not to be
social… *ponders*

In any case, I was just a distracted moron last week – I think
partially due to the Vitamin D I’ve been taking. It’s a hormone, not
really a vitamin, and since I stopped it again last Friday my head’s
been clearer & more focused. So along with that little issue last
week, I got the unfortunate news that many of you probably also saw –
Google Reader is going away. Considering I read the vast majority of
blogs on my list in Reader, that was really annoying. Like everyone
else, I started looking for a new home for my precious reading list, but
all of the other refugees and I were enough to take down the servers of
the most popular options (which says a lot about how many of us still
use the service, doesn’t it?). Eventually I set up an account with
Netvibes, but they seem to have lost over half of my feeds now, so since
GR isn’t shutting down until July 1st, I’m biding my time until some of
those other options have their traffic issues under better control.
Then I’ll shop around and see if I can’t find a new home for my feeds.

For some reason, people seem to think that social media and curated
magazine-style apps are better than a straight feed reader these days,
but I miss so many links on social media during the day when I’m at work
(no, I’m not going to go hunt them all down individually after work),
and those magazine style aggregators are all pictures and just…noisy –
again, making it easy to miss stuff. I just want a simple list of
topics to peruse, so I can click on what I’m interested in, and skip the
rest. I don’t want to visit every site either – I want it all in one
spot to save time (which is why I rarely follow partial feeds). Hint:
traffic to your site is less important than people actually reading the
information. If you need ads to support your content, put them in your

In any case, I need a new feed reader. Dang it.

Back to the holiday – my weekend wasn’t entirely devoid of holiday
cheer. I bought cupcakes with lovely green mint frosting and shamrock
sprinkles yesterday, very yummy. We had those after a rather tasty
dinner of cheese-filled shamrock ravioli’s in both green and white,
covered in Alfredo.Good thing I pretty much write calories off on
Sundays. I wouldn’t have had a prayer with that excellent food. 

So what’s happening this week? Well, let’s make a list:

– Scene for THHG serial (due tomorrow)
– Easter scenes for holiday serials (3 – due…let’s say Friday)
– Scenes for other drafts in progress as time allows
– Take some time in the evenings for crochet
– Workout 3x
– Finish catching up with accounting (supposed to do that this past weekend)
– Figure out new budget/bill paying schedule (my day job paydays
are changing from monthly to approx. twice monthly, screwing up all of
my current budgeting/bill paying)

And that’s plenty. More than plenty. But I’ll chip away at it.

Here’s to getting back on track, and getting things done…

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