Friday Excerpt: Indelibly Inked

Have you ever thought about getting an old tattoo covered up? Did it make you nostalgic for the past? This week’s excerpt is from Indelibly Inked, where a simple tattoo is the catalyst for something much bigger…enjoy!

Excerpt: Indelibly Inked

see what you’ve got.” His touch was gentle as he ran a finger over the
tattoo she’d gotten so long ago. She couldn’t see it clearly from her
position, but in her mind she saw the small stylized tree inked into her
skin, a heart in the center bearing two sets of initials. A talisman
from another time.

hands were warm as he gently rotated her leg, his brows drawn together
as he examined the image. “Nice tat. Who did the original work?” He
glanced up, and she smiled.

on Fourth Street,” she said. “Nathan Bailey did it for me. My best
friend had a crush on him back then. She, uh…dared me to get the

nodded, and ran a finger over her skin once more. She fought a shiver
from his touch. “It’s nice work. Who’s the lucky guy? Or unlucky, I
guess, considering why we’re here.”

laughed, feeling the blush was creep higher on her cheeks. “It was a
guy I had a huge crush on in high school. It sounds silly now, but he
sort of inspired me to do more – to want more out of life.”

“So what went wrong?”

shrugged, giving him a sheepish grin. “He…ah…he barely knew I was
alive, to be honest. We weren’t exactly in the same social set.” Or on
the same planet, for that matter, she mused silently. He’d been rich,
the son of a senator. There was no doubt in her mind that his parents
wouldn’t have approved of him dating the daughter of a strung-out

you inked his initials on your ankle.” It wasn’t a question, and Claire
just nodded, avoiding eye contact. She’d never told anyone the story
before, and after tonight it wouldn’t matter anyways. Still, she blinked
back sudden tears that threatened to spill over. He laid his hand
casually over her calf and she could feel him watching her. That feeling
that she’d met him before tugged at the edges of her memory.

looked at him again, focusing on the lines of his face. They’d
definitely met before, and she frowned. He must not recognize her. “Have

“So you want me to cover this up?” He spoke quickly, and she wondered if it was just bad timing, or something else.

nodded again. “I’m announcing my candidacy for Mayor tomorrow. Stacy –
my publicist – thinks that some curious person will notice the initials
and start digging into my background. She’s afraid of the impact it
might have on my campaign if people start wondering who the mystery guy

see.” He turned back to the counter, a chill moving over her skin when
his hand left her ankle. “And you’re willing to give this up for
politics? Seems like you have a lot of history with this guy, whether he
knows it or not.”

shrugged. “I don’t really see the problem, personally. I’m the only one
who knows who he is for sure, and I’m not talking. I have far bigger
skeletons in my closet to worry about.” She blinked back the sudden
moisture building in her eyes. “But Stacy says that’s the point – get
rid of the small problems so we can focus on the bigger ones.”

kind of backwards to me,” he said, handing her a plastic sleeve holding
a sheet of design sketches. “You have a couple of choices here,” he
said, his matter-of-fact tone helping her regain control. “I can work
the lettering into a vine or some flowers – you can pick something from
this sheet.” She glanced at it. The images were well drawn, but generic.
Somehow it didn’t seem right to cover up something so symbolic with
leaves or flowers.

tapped her tattoo firmly with his index finger, bringing her attention
back to him. He looked straight into her eyes, a challenge reflected in
his stare. “Or I can touch this up for you, make the lines crisp, add a
little color, and you can keep your inspiration intact. Might not be
such a good idea to mess with something like this.” He raised his
eyebrows, pinning her with his gaze. It was like he could see into her
mind, knew all the questions and desires swirling like fireflies in her

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