Goals for the Week 2/22/10

Last week was…a less than stellar week for progress. The good news is, I made some good strides this weekend, so I’m heading into the new week with an optimistic outlook. I’m finally learning how to separate the “rewrite/revise” mindset from the “new words” mindset, which really helps, since I can do them both on the same day now when I have time. Hopefully I can do that a few nights this week just for the experience. I think I’m starting to figure out the whole revision thing too (which involves a lot of rewriting this particular time). Progress is good.

Weekly Goals


– Finish rewriting the 1st scene & start on the second for HPC revisions.
– Lesson 8 for the revision course
– 2k more words for HOT
– Chapter 8 of Indelibly Inked (Thanks to everyone to voted!)


– Plan ahead for meals better. This is something I try to do often, and then always slip back into my “rut” of weeknight dinners. Time to get out of the rut for awhile again.
– Start seeds for this summer’s garden
– Catch up with the work projects I’m behind on.
– Finish reading Diplomacy of Wolves (finally)

That’s my week – what’s on your plate? Read any good books lately?