Goals for the Week 2/8/10

Last week it seemed like I was swimming upstream for some reason. I’m fighting the revision course, fighting my new words (which I think is because I’m not writing every day with the whole revision thing), fighting those two letters I still haven’t written. It happens. I need to get over it, and move along. Onward and upward!

I did get my online shopping done, thankfully, and my serial chapter written the night before. Not my best work, but hey, it’s just for fun. Next week’s will be better.

So this week, my major goal is just to be more on top of things all around, and get back in gear with the writing/revision thing. I have some big projects to deal with at work this week too.

Weekly Goals


– Chapter 6 of Indelibly Inked, written/edited by Thursday
– Lesson 6 of the revision course for Her Private Chef, and write one new scene to add.
– New words for Hearts on Trial


– Blog posts all scheduled early for the week, extras done if possible
– Keep up with work (many projects this week)
– Get laundry caught up and keep it done.
– Plan out Valentine’s day dinner
– Get those two letters written and sent!

That’s it for me – what’s on your plate this week? Read any good books lately?