Goals for the Week 3/1 – 3/7/10

It’s March! I should look back at last week’s goals for comparison,but I’m not going to this time. I’m going to let this week start fresh,and just jump in right where I’m at. This week – this week is going tobe good, organized and very productive. Because I say so.

Weekly Goals


– 1st chapter revised for Her Private Chef. Yes, the whole thing. No more messing around.

– 2k more new words drafted for Hearts on Trial. Even if I have to sneak them in…uh…somewhere.

– 9th lesson for revision course (look through, use what I need)

– Chapter 9 of Indelibly Inked


– Laundry. Keep up with it.

– Workouts. Do them.

– Get the greenhouse going and the flowers situated out there.

– Update my gardening blog.

– Make vet appt. for Gabriel, confirm Lucy’s, and order B12 pills for Lucy to try (would replace the shots, woot!)

– Get those writing goals done!

That’s it for me – and plenty, I’m sure. What’s your major goal this week? Read anything good lately?

2 comments on “Goals for the Week 3/1 – 3/7/10

  1. Medeia Sharif

    I have a to-do list for the week that I’d like to get through. I’m a list maker and feel comfortable when I knock off several items a day.

    I’m revising my wip right now.

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