Goals for the Week 3/8 – 3/14/10

My demand that last week was absolutely going to be productive was met with a resounding smack-down by Murphy’s Law (as I should have predicted, being rather familiar with dear Mr. Murphy). Apparently I should have whispered it to the writing world, because somehow, word got back to my office, and I found myself completely swamped with projects that all needed immediate attention. As you might imagine, this slows my personal productivity down to a crawl when I come home wanting nothing more than to just stare at the TV all night. Somehow though, I got all my posts for this main blog done and scheduled and displayed to the world on time…which presents me with hard evidence that had I wanted to, I could have made time for more actual writing progress than I did. I chose the blog over my writing…and that, dear friends, is troubling, even though I do have my reasons (excuses?) for scheduling things that way in the first place.

So, new rule in effect as of Sunday (yesterday): No writing of blog posts until after my daily writing goals are met.

I know this probably sounds absolutely logical and maybe even easy to many, but it presents a good many quandaries for me to deal with in terms of writing environment and my own sense of efficiency and logic. It’s not logical for me to do something that will take longer before something that takes less time, nor is it efficient. But I want to see if I can do this, if I can break past my own mental barriers to put the writing first, even if it’s inefficient and in a semi-“hostile” environment. Consider this fair warning – I may, in fact, miss some blog posts this week. But everytime I post, you’ll know I hit my writing goal for the previous day (I do my blog posts the day before they’re scheduled to appear). So yes, Sunday was a success. Monday is my day off from writing, so Tuesday will be the next “goal day”.

To that end, here are my

Weekly Goals


– 800 words per day rewritten or 1 scene revised for Her Private Chef
– 500 words per day written for Hearts on Trial
– Next lesson of revision course read/incorporated
– The next chapter of Indelibly Inked, posted on time.


– Get back to working out
– Catch up at work
– Review daily “to-do” list every night before bed, make a new one for next day
– Menu plan for this week
– Move more posts/links between blogs

That’s what I’m up to this week – what’s going on with you? Read any good books lately?

3 comments on “Goals for the Week 3/8 – 3/14/10

  1. Carol

    What, you mean blog post aren’t supposed to come first?? 🙂

    What you say makes a lot of sense, putting writing before blogging. I don’t know if have your discipline though. I suspect I’m a much bigger procrastinator than you too.

  2. Jamie DeBree

    I know – foreign concept, isn’t it? 😉 And it really doesn’t make sense…writing takes me far longer than blogging, so it goes against my “do the shortest thing first” policy. But I think it just might be what I need to kick things in gear.

    I’m cheating tonight though – night off writing, so I’m prepping posts tonight. 😉

  3. Dolly

    Great goals – and I think it’s great that you are prioritising writing over blogging. I am currently attempting to do this as well.

    Good luck with this week’s goals – 800 and 500 words daily sound quite reasonable.