Goals for the Week 4/12 – 4/18/10

Quick question – are you getting an email when I reply to your comments? It seems like email from the blog is taking a long time to get to me (ie, comment notifications, etc), so I wanted to see if my reply emails were going out. I haven’t been all that great at replying to comments this week – my apologies! Also, if you missed yesterday’s news post and/or the newsletter, you may want to catch one or the other. The posting schedule’s changing around here…

Last week’s goals went okay – HPC revisions are still moving too slow for my tastes, but we’ll see if maybe my scheduling switch-up this week will give me more time to work on that. I have a list of potential agents & publishers for HPC, so that’s done. I haven’t downloaded any style guides for self-pubbing yet, but there’s plenty of time for that. And I never got around to the Tempest read-through either. HPC is pretty much my whole writing world right now. I’m kind of obsessed with getting it revised and sending it out at the moment, which might be unhealthy, but I’m hyper-focused on that goal right now. Probably because I’ve never gotten this close before…and because I know that once it goes out the door, it could be a long, long time before anything actually happens with it. Hurry up and wait. Meanwhile, I have a zillion more projects I want to get going on…including the revisions for Desert Heat (it’s just now occurred to me that the title is sort of redundant…).

As for personal goals – taxes are done. I got most of the tomatoes potted up, and need to finish potting up the rest of my starts this week (ran out of potting soil). I worked out once last week, but that was it. I journaled, but the laundry just barely got caught up. With any luck, my new scheduling endeavors will help with that too.

Weekly Goals

– Finish HPC revisions to Ch. 2 & 3
– Chapter 15 of Indelibly Inked
– Write guest post
– Re-work blog writing schedule
– Reply to post comments the same day
– Workout 3x /Laundry catch-up
– Repot & start more seeds in the greenhouse
– Start cleaning up yard/gardens for spring

That’s what I’m up to this week – what’s on your plate? Read any good books lately?

8 comments on “Goals for the Week 4/12 – 4/18/10

  1. Dolly

    To answer your question, if you have replied to any of my comments I haven’t gotten any emails.

    Good new goals, and great job on focus. Some obsessions, especially the ones with deadlines are perfectly okay, I think. I feel the same way about my WIP, and even if one of my other projects try to distract me, I am able to now make a note of whatever new insight they are tempting me with and put them aside.

  2. Carol

    You’ve been sending email responses to comments? 😮

    I can totally relate to having a zillion other projects you’d like to get going on. There just aren’t enough hours in a day!

    Hope you have a great week Jamie!

  3. Tawna Fenske

    Your first couple “personal” goals are the same ones on my list this week. Will be eager to hear how it goes for you!

    Love the blog!


  4. Jamie D.

    Well dang it. Gonna have to see what’s going on. Thanks.

    I keep waffling with my focus…last week, I was completely obsessed with getting HPC finished to the exclusion of everything else. Then today, reading more on Joe Konrath’s blog and others, I’m wanting to get Tempest edited up to self-publish. And this afternoon I was getting itchy to work on Desert Heat again. LOL I swear, sometimes I can hyper-focus, others I’m just completely scatterbrained…

  5. Jamie D.

    I was trying. LOL Something’s not working right with my blog software, I guess.

    Carol, how do we make the days longer? I could use about 6 more in mine…

    You have a great week too!

  6. Jamie D.

    Hi Tawna – thanks for stopping by!

    It’s hard, but I have to cut 2 days of blogging out. Must have more writing time! And I’ve been pretty lazy about comments lately.

    Good luck with yours as well – your blog is hilarious, always makes me smile.

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