Gone to the Dogs: Shoes & Boxes & Bones…Oh My!


Murphy sez: So when do you suppose we’ll get those new toys back, Mica? You know – the ones that came in the mail last week? I really wanna finish chewing the arm off that alien dude. He has a really good squeaker!

Mica sez: Well, if you wouldn’t have taken it outside and nearly(?) peed on it, J probably wouldn’t have taken it away. Seriously…what was that all about? And you know she’s just going to cut that arm off anyway, right? She’s not gonna let you eat it…

Murphy sez: I don’t know why not. It’s good fiber, right?

Mica sez: Wrong kind of fiber, Murph. Besides, you gotta leave those little unstuffed limbs on, or you won’t have anything to toss the toys with. You seem to have a lot of fun doing that. Except last night, when you tossed J’s shoe at B and nearly hit him. I gotta say, it was a good throw though! Perfectly placed between B’s head and the stained glass lamp. Right down behind the recliner. Three points for that one, I’d say.


Murphy sez: It sure surprised J and B! But I blame all that on you. I mean, I don’t normally just go throwing shoes around. Or even touching shoes, for that matter. But I we were all happy after J got home from work, and you were chasing me around, and that was pretty fun, and I got a little…okay, a lot excited, and I tossed that new donut-neck thing around and J’s shoe was right underneath it and…

Mica sez: Yeah, yeah, I know. I was having fun too until J made me stop chasing you. She was worried we’d fight, but we were just playing. Well, she wanted her shoe back, too. She doesn’t really like having her shoes slimed. Or when you don’t give things back when she says to.

Murphy sez: But it’s fun to play keep away! That’s what I was doing with the alien, too! I didn’t pee on it, you know. Or I didn’t mean to, anyway. I just really had to pee. And I didn’t want J to take that cool squeaker away. And I couldn’t let you get it either. Sheesh. Humans are party-poopers. I mean, J took our new bones away last night too. What’s that all about?


Mica sez: We have been chewing on them all week. I think the noise was starting to get on B’s nerves. But there’s still marrow in them! They did buy those bones for us last weekend…but I guess there’s rules for that too. I tried to reclaim one bone this morning while J was typing this blog up for us, but she took it away again. Said waking up B with more bone chewing might not be the best way to start a Friday. Harumph. I think the best way to start a Friday is with a yummy bone.

Murphy sez: I suppose that means we don’t get another new one this week. Bummer! I wonder if we’ll get more toys in the mail? The soft ones were kind of cool, but J didn’t seem to know about the hard ones. I know she canceled one box already, because the very first bag of treats they sent were fish, and with you being allergic and all, that might not be a good thing. The other box was a few toys and a leash, but I don’t think J was too impressed with the selection.

Mica sez: Yeah, and we don’t need another leash – J’s got lots. But there are plenty of other dogs out there who don’t seem to have one. Maybe J should start leaving them on doors and light posts for those dogs who don’t have one. She might be less stressed on our nightly walks if people took them and used them…

Murphy sez: I guess we’ll just have to wait for her to find more toys at that Costco place. The dragons are pretty fun. I like chewing the wings off. Mmm…wings…

Hey, what do you say we go steal those bones back now? I could use a little chewing action and J says I need to stop chewing on my toes. I mean, I gotta chew on something, right? Toes or bones, her choice.

Mica sez: I don’t know – I think maybe it’s time for our morning nap, Murph. Plenty of time to chew on stuff later. But you should probably leave your toes alone, K? You’ll need those for walkin’ later…


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6 comments on “Gone to the Dogs: Shoes & Boxes & Bones…Oh My!

  1. Diana

    I love following the adventures of Mica and Murphy. And you are a dream come true for both of them! A more loving and patient home couldn’t be found anywhere!

    1. Jamie DeBree

      Aw, thanks. They’re good dogs. Hooligans, but cute & funny hooligans. 😉

  2. Joan Specking

    Love your stories….and my dogs (two from Rimrock) do so many of the same things….😊

    1. Jamie DeBree

      Thanks! Life would be so dull without dogs, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  3. Yvonne H

    Love the blog! Keep it coming please. Glad Murphy is doing so well. Bless you.

    1. Jamie DeBree

      Thanks Yvonne – I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Murphy’s doing just great. And currently waiting somewhat impatiently for his walk… 😉