Insanity, Accounting & A Writing Marathon…

Happy President’s Day! Happy for me because I’m not at the day job,
though I am still trying rather valiantly to wake up. Poor hubby still
had to work, which means I was up at 7am. At least I got to sleep in for
an hour…

Last week was insane as far as writing goes. I worked my butt off
to get my regular serial scenes done as well as the three Valentine’s
Day stories I promised. It wasn’t easy, but it was kind of fun. If
you’re reading the holiday serials, I hope you’re enjoying them…

I was super-lazy about working out too, but I did get Mica’s sweater finished (you can check that out on Hookin’ It
if you’d like), and finished a book I’ve been reading for weeks (a
nightstand book – just a few chapters every night before bed). Other
than those two things and all that writing, I got pretty much nothing
else done. 


No accounting either, which is bad. I really, really need to just
suck it up and get it done. I was going to do that today, but it just
seems like such a shame to waste a day with the house to myself on
anything other than writing…well, and a little laundry. I’m in
desperate need of clean kitchen towels/washcloths.

So the plan for today’s writing marathon is to finish
edits/revisions to a short story (horror) due to be released this
Friday, then finish writing a short story (erotic romance), write
tomorrow’s serial scene for the Fantasy Ranch blog, and then start
revisions on a horror novella that needs an entirely different ending (I
think). It’s gonna be a busy day that I’m sure will fly right by, but
hopefully a productive one as well. 

As for the rest of the week, here’s the list: 

– Another scene for Sleep With Me
– A scene for English Breakfast (next BeauTEAful Summer story)
– Scene for a fantasy story
– Accounting – at least 30 minutes every night, finish catching up by next Sunday
– Work on a gift crochet project
– Write those letters I owe
– Workout x4
– Search for cover art images

That’s plenty to keep me busy (more than enough, I’m sure). Now if this tea would just kick in so I could get started…

Actually, maybe some yoga and a shower first. That would probably help a lot.

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