Monday Musings: On Transitional Clothes, Seasonal Quandaries & Modesty…


I’ve been in a rather introspective mood for the past little while, so this week, a break from weighty subjects. Instead, let’s talk about clothes for a bit, shall we?

I’ve mentioned before that I hate to shop. That picture up there is indeed my own closet, and unlike people who swap clothes out for the different seasons, I don’t. It’s all there (sweaters on the top shelf – you can see the arm of one hanging down, all homey-like). Everything fits, because I simply don’t have that many clothes (I think my husband actually has more clothes than I do). I think the only thing I’m really missing from my capsule-based wardrobe is the proverbial little black dress. I’ll get around to it one of these days. Maybe. I’m not all that fond of dresses/skirts (or anything that requires me to be “lady-like”, really, though they can be useful in certain situations, I suppose).

Even now, I’m down to one pair of black socks for work, and I fully plan on seeing if I can order a few pair from Amazon just to avoid having to go to the store (on account of I’ve known I need socks for weeks now, and still haven’t made it to the store). I need a new belt too.

Actually, now that I think about it, I could use some more long-sleeved t-shirts as well. Transitional wear. This year’s been a really odd one for weather, and while I have warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes, I don’t have much in the way of rainy, dreary-day clothing…because normally, days like that are few and far between here. I’ve been freezing this spring though due to more rainy days than normal and summer-style air-conditioning at work. Not fun! And I’m not really a cardigan sort of person, though I am knitting a shrug that should be done sometime in the next year…but it’s not neutral enough colors for work (it would clash with a lot of my work shirts – need something black or cream for work-neutral, I suppose).

In any case, summer always brings about a rather serious quandary for me during the week…and it’s not really weather related, but more light vs. modesty driven. See, in the winter, it’s dark when I get home, and the chances that anyone will stop by are extremely low. I normally change out of my work clothes into the proverbial “something more comfortable”, and unless I actually have somewhere I have to go (which is pretty rare…I prefer not to leave the house after work during the week whenever possible though it does happen), in the winter that means sweats or yoga pants and a t-shirt. The evil bra comes off soon after I walk in the door, and stays off until the next morning. Bras aren’t good for letting lymph fluid flow freely…it’s both healthier and more comfortable (as long as one isn’t doing jumping jacks or something) to spend as little time bound up as possible. If I’m working out, I’ll put on a sports bra, but only for the workout. Nice thing about winter, too, is that clothes are heavier. I have no issue answering the door in a sweatshirt and no bra, of course.

But summer…summer is evil. It’s light out after work. There’s yard work to be done. People that might stop by, or neighbors who might want to chat. The most annoying thing about all this is that I can’t just jettison my bra after work. I’m not hugely well-endowed, but well enough, and it would be a distraction to answer the door or talk to the neighbors without one (esp. given that in summer I’m prone to more light/white colors…which are even more problematic). And having gained and lost weight, I hate to admit it, but sagging is an issue, and I’m vain enough to care. Β Then of course there’s the support issue…yard work requires some sort of…restraint in the bust area. It’s just a fact.

In any case, in the summer when I come home, I generally swap my work clothes for shorts or jeans and a t-shirt, and a lighter, looser bra than the one I wear for work on account of the people-who-might-stop-by, and yard work potential. Honestly? It’s annoying. I don’t like it. But even if I just let the weeds grow wild, there’s still a better chance that someone will randomly stop by in the summer when it’s light out than in the winter. Inhospitable sod that I am, I really wish everyone would just call before they stop. That would give me time to go begrudgingly put on a bra before I have to be sociable.

Ladies, am I the only one who hates the whole bra thing, but can’t quite bring myself to go without in the company of anyone not my husband? Am I just too modest? Or just in the wrong era, perhaps? Where are the 70’s when you need ’em, anyways?

I think one of my heroines needs to deal with this in a book. Or maybe one of alter-ego Trinity’s books. Because she can go places I…can’t. πŸ˜‰

And with that…here’s your earworm for the week. I know. You’re welcome.

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5 comments on “Monday Musings: On Transitional Clothes, Seasonal Quandaries & Modesty…

  1. Carol

    I hate bras too, especially in the summer. But there’s one thing I hate more, and that’s boob sweat – I’m just big enough (and saggy enough) that I get sweaty under the boobs. So a lot of the time I’ll wear a bra just to absorb the boob sweat. But I’ve found a couple of camisoles that have a bra built in (which is more or less just an extra band of material lining it) that work for me. Nice and cool and a bit of support without feeling constricted. Great for in the house or around the yard and if I have to go to the store when I’m wearing one, I can just throw a shirt over it. πŸ˜‰

    1. Jamie DeBree

      I never got into the whole camisole thing. I tried a few times, but it just never quite felt “right”. Weird, eh? Maybe I should try again…the next time I actually go shopping. Which could be awhile. LOL

  2. Ardee Eichelmann

    I didn’t wear a bra at all, not for one second, for over 10 years. I guess that puts me in the I don’t care if you can see my saggy boobs or not. When I went out in public there was often a tank top under something that might be too transparent so to speak but no bra.

    It wasn’t until I seriously injured my right breast about five years ago(and it still hurts the injury was that significant)that I wore a bra at all. Then I wore a bra all of the time unless I was in bed. Now I just wear a bra when I leave the house, most of the time, but not all of the time. I wear sports bras exclusively now and totally love them. So when I do have to wear a bra I am not miserable.

    As for boob sweat, I use some great body powder I get for $1 at DollarTree. It is fake “Gold Bond.” It is wonderful stuff. We don’t have a/c in our mini-van(it broke) and only one window in the car will roll down so in the hot and humid South body powder is my friend especially if we have to go somewhere.

    I guess I will close with saying that I have never considered a bra to be mandatory, especially if a tank top or a slip would suffice in keeping my areolas from showing. As a teenage it bothered my mom if someone could possibly see my nipples so I covered them with bandaids because heaven forbid anyone know that I have nipples on my breasts. Once mom started having a fit because she could see my nipples and demanded that I put on a bra. I lift my bra strap at my neck. She continued to be outraged for a while because of my nipples having the audacity to be “at attention.” The funny thing is that I have very, very small nipples. I wonder what would have happened if I had normal sized nipples. LOL!!!

    In closing, I hate bras. I also grew up in the 70s when being bra free was not unusual. Every mammal has tits or nipples so why women’s boobs that are just appendages created so we can nurse our children if we have any are considered some big “whoop de do” is beyond me. They are just overgrown specialized sweat glands. πŸ˜‰

  3. Ardee Eichelmann

    Oh, I forgot to mention. I love this song and video. Thank you for posting it. πŸ˜€

  4. Jamie D.

    Ouch, Ardee-ann! That injury sounds very painful!

    I do need a padded bra at the office…nipples would just be way distracting, not just for others, but for me too. Besides, it’s cold, and that makes ’em hurt. Padding keeps ’em warm. LOL But whenever I’m home and can get away with it, I’m with you – no binding. I should probably make an effort to find something more comfortable for off-hours, but…meh. There’s that whole shopping issue again…

    Of course wouldn’t you know it, take my bra off tonight, and I had to go retrieve the dogs from the backyard where they’re barking at the neighbors. I didn’t worry too much about it though – they were barking at a woman, and I figured she’d probably understand. πŸ˜‰