Monthly Postcard Exchange

I collect stamps, and I also love the artwork on postcards. Needless to say, I buy a lot of stamps to add to my collection, but of course they mean more when they come postmarked on snail mail from friends and I’d like to start a postcard collection this year.

So for 2015, I’m starting a monthly postcard exchange that anyone, anywhere is welcome to participate in. There are a few simple rules:

– I’ll send a stamped postcard to anyone who sends me one, up to one per month per person.
– Mail must be sent with an actual postage stamp (no metered postage)
– Mail may be sent anonymously or under a pen name, but must include a valid return mailing address
– Short notes or signatures only, please.
– Authors, if you send me a postcard related to your book(s) with the expectation that I’ll show it on my site, I’ll expect the same of you when you receive my book-related postcard as well.

A few other things you should know – by sending mail for the exchange, you agree to these:

– The artwork on the cards I receive, as well as the postmark, may be shared on this site/The Variety Pages blog. I will never show your name, address or notes – nothing that would identify the sender, except the stamp/postmark.
– Names and addresses will never be added to any kind of mailing list or digital database. When I receive a piece of mail for the exchange, I’ll simply address the return card using the reply address. Your name/address will become part of my permanent stamp & postcard collection, but only in the physical sense.
– All reply cards will go out the last Saturday of each month. So January’s return mail will be sent off on Jan. 24th, and anything received after that will go into February’s reply pile.

And that’s it! You send me a beautiful, funny, or interesting postcard (or a notecard, if you find one with artwork you really want to share) with a stamp on it, and I’ll send you one back. Simple as that.

Please address cards to:

Monthly Postcard Exchange
c/o Jamie DeBree
2110 Sunnyview Lane
Billings, MT 59102

I look forward to your cards!

4 comments on “Monthly Postcard Exchange

  1. Sandrine Vasseur

    Hi Jamie, I am from France, and also collect postcards, recipe; lighthouse, ….. I would be happy to swap with you so I will send one postcard on next week, as I have your address, just let me know what kind of cards you like
    Hope to swap very soon


    1. Jamie DeBree

      Greetings Sandrine! Thanks, and I look forward to getting your postcard! I’m not picky on the subject matter…just whatever you find amusing or beautiful is something I’ll love. And I’ll pick out a nice one for you as well! 🙂

  2. Sandrine Vasseur

    Hi Jamie,
    the card left on today, I hope your will received it soon
    Have a good day

  3. Site

    We are exchanging postcard sized prints of our original photography that you either print traditionally in a darkroom, or that you print on an inkjet printer.

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