Musing On Blog Topics

You may have noticed that I’ve become a bit underwhelmed with this whole notable posts thing lately. Part of it is because I’ve just been too busy to really read many blogs lately, and the ones I make sure to read, I’ve recommended a zillion times, and hope you already follow too.

Part of it is my blog reading “needs” are changing. This is a bit hard to admit because I hate to think it might offend…but I’m overdosed on the writing craft for the most part. I still like the occasional craft post, but not at the volume I used to. I feel like I’ve read as much about queries as I care to for now, since I’m not actively querying. It’s not you, it’s me. Really.

So what *am* I reading a lot about lately? Books, actually. Not writing them, but reading them. I’ve developed a taste for book reviews,  author reviews and “slice of life” posts, and the occasional publishing piece. Naturally since I’m self-publishing at the moment, I’m reading a lot on that too, and connecting with a lot of self-pub authors. Expanding my horizons, so to speak.

In any case…I’d be happy to post links for book reviews, author reviews/info and slice of life posts if you’d be interested. But you tell me – are those of any interest to you? Or are you still more interested in craft and query posts?

And on a related note, do you find that your blog “tastes” change over time, depending on what you’re doing at the moment?

10 comments on “Musing On Blog Topics

  1. Cynthia Schuerr

    Absolutely ! There is a a discussion going on at Rachelle Gardners, Literary Agent blog, right now about the overload of publishing and querying information.

    There is so much out there and while it can be helpful, it can also be daunting and confuse the writer.

    My tastes change all of the time. That is probably why my blog carries different aspects of me. Sometimes, it’s a book review, sometimes it’s poetry, sometimes it’s an essay about family or life. Granted, I need to update more, but I write what I feel like writing, at any given time. I get as many comments as most other writers get, unless you are a celebrity in the writing field. Maybe, one day, that will happen for me. Until then, I will write what I love!

  2. Ardee-ann

    Jamie, if you write about what interests you, then you will have an audience that follows. If you are tired of writing about crafting and querying it will show and in the end “put off” your readers.

    We all change in our interests. Follow your heart for now and engage in new passions. Who knows where they may lead you? I know that I for one will be along for the ride and I believe that many other readers will be too. In the meantime, enjoy yourself…you only get to live once, take time to marvel in every moment and make them count.

    Ciao Bella,


  3. Carol

    Yes, I find my blog tastes change all the time. I have about 5 or 6 blogs I read faithfully every day (even if I don’t comment) and the rest of my list changes often.

    If you’d like to change your notable posts I think you should go for it! This is the Variety Pages after all. 😉

  4. Jamie D.

    I think in my case, it just starts to ruin my writing. I can’t think too much about technicalities, or my writing gets stiff, cold and flat. When I realized that was happening, I had to back off on the crafting stuff, and just go with my gut to find my way back to a good writing flow.

    Your blog is a pleasant respite when you post…I love the ever-changing nature. Alas, my mind is far to analytical to just “go with the flow” for mine. I must have focus, or I end up having nothing at all. But I like my other blog topics – it’s just this Notable Posts one that is causing me to rethink. Part of it is definitely a time issue…I may need to just return to Mon-Fri. posts, and give myself a break on the weekends.

  5. Jamie D.

    Thanks Ardee-ann  – I’m lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

    You’ll notice I don’t write about craft all that much – just Tuesdays, and I write about what’s relevant to me at the time, so that works for me. Actually, all of my other blog topics work just fine for me. It’s just this one giving me pause, because I don’t know if my readers necessarily want to read about what interests me *now*.  Thus my quandary. This blog is as much for the readers as for me – and I intend to keep it that way, though naturally it will ebb and flow with the changes in my life.

  6. Jamie D.

    Same here, Carol…I have my favorites, and then the others as I have time. And you’re absolutely right, as usual. This is the Variety Pages…and change should be expected.

    I shall think on this more…

  7. Bigwords88

    It isn’t necessarily the writing-specific blogs which I think about for inordinate lengths of time – the smaller, personal stuff is, for me at least, as important as the big ideas which spur on thoughts about plot development, pacing and other writing issues. I’m happy with ANY links where I can learn more about stuff. It doesn’t need to be important, or relevant – all a post needs to make itself notable should be great writing and something which lingers in the mind for a while.

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