New Release: English Breakfast

If you’re looking for the next installment of Jasmine Betrayal, fear not! It will be auto-posting around 10am or so (mountain time). In the meantime, I’m pleased to announce that the latest BeauTEAful Summer story, English Breakfast is now available for purchase!

The second cup she serves just might be the last…

cups of tea, one old flame and a stolen flash drive plunge Karen
Winters into the past she’s determined to leave behind. Caught in the
middle of someone else’s fight, she’ll need every ounce of strength to
get back to the man who never really let her go.

English Breakfast is available now for $1.99 in the Brazen Snake Books Store, or at these fine online retailers:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Smashwords | Kobo

It will be available at Apple, Sony & Diesel in a week or so.

Here’s an excerpt for those who didn’t read along with the serial version:


are you doing here, Patrick?” She didn’t smile, pinning him with
the intense stare meant to intimidate. Somehow she still didn’t
seem to realize that it had never worked on him. Not in the way she
wanted it to, anyways. Carefully adjusting his trousers, he slid onto
a barstool and tried to focus on his purpose for being there.

to see you too, Karen. I’ll take a cup of English Breakfast, if you
don’t mind. And a woman should have brought in a flash drive for

retrieved the drive and slid it across the bar to him.
make you a cup to go. That will be two-fifty.”

Her words were
measured and professional, with a healthy layer of stress threaded
through. It probably would have been wise to send someone else,
considering her reaction, but he’d wanted to see her again, selfish
as that was. She’d turned his life upside down when she walked out,
and for what? Some mid-life crisis? He wanted closure. Deserved that
much, after five years together.

after she unlocked the contents of the drive for him.

stay,” he said, earning a sharp glare. “Karen, I need your help.”
brows drawn together, she shook her head but he held the drive up
before she could argue.
be clear, there’s a journalist who needs your help. And I don’t
have time to find someone else who has the skills to hack this drive.
doesn’t have time.”

don’t do that anymore, Patrick – you know that. What are you going
to do, come here every time you need a hacker? I’m sorry, and I’m
sorry for whatever trouble your client is in, but I just…can’t. I

turned away, dispensing water into a to-go cup over a bag of tea
leaves. Slapping a small watch-face to the cup, she put a lid on and
set it in front of him.
charge. Now please leave.”

leaned forward, steeling himself against her icy gaze.
Charles was kidnapped today, and her photographer thinks it’s
because of the information on that drive. The photographer received
it by courier the day before yesterday with instructions to come to
us if anything happened to Ms. Charles. That night, she never came

left copies of all the programs I developed at the office. One of the
other geeks should be able to figure it out. What about Ken?” Karen
leaned against the back counter, arms crossed over her chest. She was
trying to resist, but he could see her resolve crumbling, hear it in
her voice.

out on a long-term assignment, Jake’s on vacation and can’t be
reached, and Derek…well, he’s distracted right now. Kane says it
has to be you.”

stared past his shoulder, worrying her lower lip like she always did
when she knew there was no other choice. A quick shake of the head,
and she reached across the bar to reclaim the drive.

Give me half an hour, and I’ll see what I can do.”


I hope you enjoy it! And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Deadly Chai as well, the first book in the series (they stand alone, of course).

Stay tuned for more Jasmine Betrayal later this morning…