New Release: The Handyman’s Harem Girl

Those of you waiting for the next installment of Jasmine Betrayal – don’t panic! It’s coming, but hey, this book is finally finished and available! Hooray! 

Head Harem Girl at The Sultan’s Palace, Veronica Rowan isn’t
interested in a relationship with any man – especially not hunky Fantasy
Ranch handyman Chance Emery. When he finds out about her personal
security experience, she can’t refuse his plea for help. Drawn into a
twisted past marked by a trail of decapitated dolls, she struggles to
protect her heart as they fight to keep from losing their heads. 

The Handyman’s Harem Girl is available in ebook format for $3.99 in the Brazen Snake Books store, as well as these other fine online retailers:

If it’s not already at your favorite store, it should be there very soon.

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Print copies will be available in mid-November. Now for an excerpt…


Chance braced himself as Veronica turn to face him. It was pathetic, really, that the only woman he was attracted to in the whole joint was this one – the one most likely to push him out a window if he so much as looked at her wrong. He’d tried to be friendly in the beginning, but she was ice cold, to him at least.

He’d quickly learned to give her a wide berth, but when she danced he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her. She hired some very competent help, but none of them compared to her. The way her body moved was magic, and it called to some primal instinct that urged him to carry her off and rip the filmy fabric right off that lithe little body of hers.

He was sure she felt it too – the vibe between them was so thick it was nearly tangible. Yet she held him at arm’s length, all because of some stupid policy the bosses didn’t even follow themselves. Three years they’d been tip-toeing around this thing between them, and he was getting tired of it.

Maybe it was time to shake things up a bit. Or her, at least.

“I haven’t seen her since you were entertaining Jabba earlier,” he said, grinning when her eyes narrowed in disapproval. “She said something about paperwork she still had to fill out, I think. I wasn’t listening all that closely, to be honest.”

“I suppose it would be hard to pay attention with all the women jabbering in your ear every day. And you shouldn’t talk about the clients that way. It’s unprofessional.” She crossed her arms over her chest, and Chance silently mourned the loss of the view. The harem was kept on the cool side, and the costume material didn’t hide much.

“What’s the matter, Princess? Jealous?” He stepped closer, forcing her to look up at him with those sultry green eyes. He knew she wanted to back away, but she couldn’t. Her pride wouldn’t let her, and he had no issue with taking full advantage of the fact.

She conceded one step back, and arched an eyebrow. “Of course not. And there are no princesses in the harem, which I’m sure you’re well aware of. But I do trust that you’ll follow policy and keep your dealings with my girls strictly professional.”

He shrugged, breaking eye contact to see the new hostess approaching from behind. The girl winked at him, and he couldn’t help winking back, earning an exasperated look from his current prey.

“I always do, though I can’t say they make it easy.” He leaned in, somehow resisting the urge to touch her in any way before he whispered in her ear. “I’d make an exception for you though, Princess. Just say the word.”

Straightening, he didn’t look at Veronica again as he brushed past her, nodding to Eleanor as he passed by. The center of his back tingled as he went out the door, and he smiled. Apparently his cool harem girl couldn’t resist another look. Maybe there was hope for her yet.


Alrighty then. So go grab your copy, *or* sign up for my newsletter (linked above) to get a free copy later tonight. And thanks for reading – I hope you enjoy it!