News & Miscellany 10/3/11

Happy October! Lots to discuss today, so get comfy…

If you’ve been around in the fall before, you know that my life goes into overdrive right about this time every year. A lot of that is because we throw a big Halloween bash every year at our house, and normally I’m also gearing up to do NaNoWriMo as well. Between those two things, writing and the holidays in Nov/December, I have little to no extra time until January. And being the brilliant geniuses that we are, my husband and I decided to put new carpet in on our main floor this fall. I know – we needed one more challenge, apparently.

So…the party is in 19 days. The carpet gets installed this Thursday & Friday (we hope). And we both work full time outside the house. As you might imagine, I’m floundering a bit, especially with all of the writing/editing/publishing stuff I’ve got going on when I’m not at the day job (and no, I don’t want to give any of that up, thank you very much).

Which leads me (rather long-winded like) to the point where I tell you that the Code Name: Succulent posts are on hold for the foreseeable future. Will they be back later? Possibly, or I may replace them with something else. Who knows? I just know that I have a choice on the weekend to write blog posts or serial scenes, and I’d rather keep the stories moving forward. This weekend I started writing and stopped 1300 words later (which is nearly double what I normally write in one sitting)…but that’s why yesterdays’ CN:S post didn’t happen.

Also, I’m discontinuing the weekly archives. I understand that they’re helpful if you missed a post of mine that you might be interested in, but it takes time to gather up all those links and that’s time I could be spending on other things. I may bring them back after the fall madness dies down, but for now, no more archives. I suggest a good blog reader program – then you can mark what you want to read for later. I use gReader on my tablet – it isn’t perfect, but it works pretty well in conjunction with Google reader on the web.

As for NaNo…I’ve been trying for the last two weeks to figure out some way to fit it in this year, but with my writing/publishing schedule as it is now, I just can’t do it without sacrificing some serious productivity. More on this closer to October, but I’ll definitely be sitting this year out. But I will be cheering the participants on with gusto!   

In other news, if you’re reading my erotica short stories, I’ll have a new one to release by Weds, and the new serial started yesterday. And my first anthology, In a Dark Place will be released on October 14th, including flash fiction by five authors and myself based on an image prompt. There’s a new prompt up at Rattles now – go check it out, I’d love to see more subs this month! It’s a great way to hone your writing…

Finally, I’ll be starting the newsletter lists back up – one for my personal “Variety News”, and one for Brazen Snake Books. They’ll go out around the 5th of each month, so if you’re interested in keeping up with me via email, sign up using the links above (ignore the “weekly” tag…I need to update that button/page).

Now a few questions for you, dear reader, if you don’t mind indulging me:

  1. Is it helpful knowing the weekly blog schedule? Or just extraneous information?
  2. Is it interesting/helpful for you to see my goals and plans for the week laid out? Or again, just extraneous information?
  3. Is there something you would like to see on this blog that you’re not seeing? Some area of interest you’d like me to expand on? Or is it working for you just as it is?

This is long enough already, so I’m going to skip the schedules and goals this week. If the consensus is that it’s good/interesting/motivational to have them, I’ll bring them back next week. If not, well, we’ll reevaluate what’s here and change things up a bit. I don’t really pay much attention to blog stats, so I have no idea how many people *really* read these posts, but if you wouldn’t mind coming out of lurkdom just for today, I’d appreciate it. I know people are busy and don’t often have time to leave comments (me either, obviously), so I’m happy to accommodate those to who just read and pass by as well. Which is my way of saying, your opinion counts, whether you comment regularly or not.

And I think that’s (finally) it! Here’s to a smooth week for us all!

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6 comments on “News & Miscellany 10/3/11

  1. Cari Quinn

    I read pretty much all your posts, Jamie, but don’t comment nearly enough. I enjoy whatever you have to offer and hope to be able to participate in this month’s flash fiction. Last month I sort of overestimated my available time. As usual. ;D

    Best of luck with all you have going on!

  2. Jamie D.

    Thanks for de-lurking for a minute, Cari. I read all of your posts too…so we’re even there. LOL

    And that overestimating time thing…hmm…that reminds me of someone…

    Good luck to you too – I saw you have a deadline looming…

  3. Brooklyn Ann

    I swear, everything gets busier in the fall. Yet again, I will be seething in envy at your awesome Halloween party & wishing I could go!

    I’m not doing NaNo this year either. For some reason I’m always stuck doing edits in November.

  4. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Jamie, I read all of your blogs. I find them interesting. I also like seeing your goals and plans laid out. I am trying to be more organized and your organization is an inspiration. I just love reading you stuff. I hope this post is helpful to you in the evaluation process. I will miss the Code Name: Succulent posts but understand that there are limits to what one person can do. I have also been meaning to tell you that I loved those little animated things and news stories you did. I miss them a lot to, I keep hoping they will reappear.



  5. Jamie DeBree

    I wish you could come too, Brooklyn! We’d have a great time, for sure… 🙂

    And I’m right there with you on edits (and I suck, because I owe you an email you probably don’t even need anymore, but it’s still on my radar). I’ll be editing a few things in Nov., so we can be edit-buddies. LOL

  6. Jamie DeBree

    Thanks Ardee-ann…it actually helps me to start the week with a “written” list, so I think I’ll keep that.

    I’ve heard other murmurs about the videos and things…and I want to do more of that sort of thing. So part of my re-evaluation is going to include those, I think. Just need to move a few things around, and change my processes a bit. They’re fun though – I’d like to do more of those too. 🙂