Non-Magical Wardrobes

When I was a kid, I often wished for a wardrobe that opened into a magical world on the other side, like the one in Narnia. Of course I barely had a closet back then…just a small square of plywood covered in veneer that wasn’t even close to being big enough to store my teenage clothes stock (no matter, because the only clothes actually in the closet were the ones I didn’t wear anyways – the rest pretty much lived on the floor, as they tend to with the younger set).

Now, of course, I have a closet large enough to hold my very pared down wardrobe…and after a lot of years of wearing the same basic clothes, I am excruciatingly bored with mine. I hate to shop, and I’m not overly fond of spending money on clothing either. So I tend to do the “find something I like, buy one in every color, wear them for 20 years” thing. Yes, I have pieces in my closet that I’ve had since college, and I still wear them regularly. Clothes were made better back then…but they are quite faded and dated – even the classic styles I favor.

Alas, I’ve finally grown tired of wearing nearly the same thing day in and day out to work. I wish my closet was magical, automatically switching out clothes here and there to keep my wardrobe mostly classic, but updated with enough new things to keep it interesting. I really don’t want to spend hours going through clothing racks or even web sites trying to find stuff to wear. I’d rather be doing other things (*anything else*), but at the same time – I really do need new clothes.

Enter Stitch Fix, which is an online personal shopper service that I just signed up with earlier this month. You fill out a profile questionnaire, and tell them your preferences, etc, and they pick out 5 items of clothing and send it to you at the interval you pick (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, whatever). Then you try on what they send, keep/pay for what you want, and send the rest back (postage paid envelope included).

I was a bit worried about the first one, but when it got here, even though the item price was more than I’d normally pay, I only sent two things back, and only one because I didn’t like it (the other was just not a good fit/cut for me). It took me 10 minutes to fill out the profile and all of about 30 minutes to try everything on, package up what I didn’t want and pay for what I was keeping.

Now *that* is shopping. I didn’t have to pick any of it out, my personal “stylist” did a great job sending stuff I liked, and it just made the whole “new clothes” thing much easier. I loved it. I’m going to get a box once a month for awhile until I’ve pretty well turned my wardrobe over, and then scale back to every other month, or once a quarter just to keep things fresh. I tell you what – this is a serious time-saver for me. Love it!

Of course I still need some new shoes (ordered a couple pairs of flats last week, and I need one to two more pair), and a new belt, but I’ll get there eventually. I’m actually still wearing wool socks to work in the 90 degree heat which is really hot when I go home, but during the day it’s actually okay. Because…air conditioning always seems to be set at sub-zero at the office. Socks & long sleeves are a must even in summer, at least for me.

In other news, I wore a bright yellow “Assemble the Minions” shirt (covered in Minions, of course) to my family reunion this past weekend. A fashion nightmare any way you want to cut it (cheap, quick-drying theme-park shirt…also very cool), but I now have the distinction of being the only person in pictures wearing non-conservative clothing. Considering reunions don’t happen often, I say if nothing else, one should be distinctive – especially when you tone it down all week for work. Can’t be all filtered and buttoned up all the time, eh? My geek fuel t-shirts are especially helpful with that evenings & weekends.

Now I need to clean all of those older clothes out of my closet…. *sigh*