Notable Posts

Here’s my top ten notable posts for this week – you might notice a common theme in a few of them, and I included a couple hilarious exchanges as well. Read and enjoy!

Starting a Novel in the Wrong Place from Pub Rants

Chrono-illogical? from The Literary Lab

Giving Sight to the Blind from Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe

How to Procrastinate Efficiently from Lisa and Laura Write

When Your Story Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned from Wordplay

Squared Away and Finding Focus from Liana Brooks

Two Speeds. One I Use Way More Than the Other. from Lilith Saintcrow

He Says, She Says: What is Creativity? from Not Enough Words

Confessions of a Library Addict from Words A Plenty

Disliking and Deep POV from Edittorrent

3 comments on “Notable Posts

  1. Jess Jordan

    Love Lisa and Laura, and that post is funny as always. 🙂 Checking a few of the others now. Thanks!

  2. India Drummond

    Just checked some of these out. I particularly thought the one about starting the book in the wrong place was a good one. I have found I usually do well to chop the first few paragraphs (or pages) off my Chapter 1s

  3. Carol

    Very good choices, Jamie. I enjoyed reading them. 🙂