Notable Posts 3/21 – 3/26/10

Here are my top ten Notable Posts for the week. I had more picked out, but I thought it would be better to pare it down. Not that it was easy, by any means…

Writing with the Five Senses from Secret October

The Strong Silent Type from Liana Brooks

Are You Prepared to get “The Call”? from Supernatural Smut

The (Agent) Break Up from Musings of a Novelista

Sometimes People Just Don’t Understand from Author, Jody Hedlund

Learning to Trust Yourself  from Christine Fonseca, Author

The Rigors of Revisions from Joy on the Journey

Do That Thing from Lilith Saintcrow

James Baldwin and Character Who-ness from Wagging Tales

Look Away! Look Away! from Megan Rebekah Blogs…and Writes

Read and enjoy!

3 comments on “Notable Posts 3/21 – 3/26/10

  1. Shannon O'Donnell

    Link posts are my favorites! Thanks for collecting and sharing. 🙂

  2. Jamie DeBree

    You’re welcome, Shannon – happy reading!

  3. Dolly

    As always, a great list, and more blogs for me to follow :-))