Notable Posts 4/11 – 4/16/10

Here are the “top ten” posts I found notable this week – read and enjoy!

Practice Makes Publishable from Michelle McLean’s Writer Ramblings

TKO! from Katie Ganshert

Disloyalty: A Writer’s Virtue from Book Dreaming

Here a Quirk, There a Quirk, Everywhere a Quirk, Quirk from Laugh. Write. Play.

Characters Have to Make a Living Too! from Cynthia Reese

On Passion from TerryLynnJohnson

Foreshadowing from Writer’s Butt Does Not Apply To Me

Fiction Tip Friday: Di-uh-logical Umbrage from Writing on Both Sides of the Desk

Different Effort from Lilith Saintcrow

Inspiration vs. Perspiration from The Write Runner

9 comments on “Notable Posts 4/11 – 4/16/10

  1. Dolly

    Excellent links 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Meg

    Love the links!

    I know nothing of coding, but is there anyway you can set the links to open a new tab/window?

    I kept closing the tab instead of hitting back to click on the next link. 🙂

  3. Jamie D.

    Sure Meg – these should open in a new tab/window now, and I’ll do that from now on.

    Glad you enjoyed ’em!

  4. Tawna Fenske

    These are some great links, thanks for passing them along! My critique partner (Cynthia Reese) had some fab things to say, as always! 🙂


  5. India Drummond

    Great links. It’s amazing the information and experience that people will share with others.

  6. Carolina Valdez Miller

    Hey, great links! Thanks! I don’t think I’ve come across a single one of these.

  7. Jamie DeBree

    Glad I found some new ones for ya – I tried not to include the “usual suspects”, for something different. 🙂

  8. Meg


    Thankie 😀