Notable Posts 5/6 – 5/22/10

Here are the posts I found particularly notable this week…some weighty stuff here, but well worth the time, in my opinion. I’ve included a couple book review posts as well. Enjoy!

Prioritizing Your Time from The Write Words

How Do Things Develop? from Once Upon a Novelist

Teach Thyself from The Paperback Writer

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs from Heidenkind’s Hideaway (review)

What’s Your Writing Pace? Do You Stroll or Run? from Regan Leigh

Psy-Changeling Double Review from Ramblings of a Book Bitch

Us vs. Them: On writer cliques and bra-snapping from Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing

On Persistence from Lilith Saintcrow

Writers: Are You Too Hard On Yourself? from Write It Sideways

Everyday Networking – It’s Who You Know from The Writers Alley

6 comments on “Notable Posts 5/6 – 5/22/10

  1. Dolly

    Thanks for fab links Jamie.

  2. Carol

    Another great bunch of choices,Jamie. You are not helping my need to cut back on the amount of blog reading I do! 🙂

  3. Jamie D.

    You’re welcome, Dolly. 🙂

    Carol, but I’m trying to help! LOL If you don’t have time to read anything else, read these, and skip the rest. Well, except mine, of course, and Dolly’s…and… 😉

  4. India Drummond

    Great articles. You always find the best stuff!

  5. Karen Strong

    Awesome linkage as usual. Off to read.

    These are some good ones!

    Thanks Jamie. 🙂

  6. Regan Leigh

    Thank you, much. 🙂 Great posts with links. I think you should always keep this up because I, too, struggle with checking blogs enough and knowing where to hop for the cool links each week. 🙂