Notable Posts 5/8 – 5/15/10

Here are the top ten posts I found “notable” this week – read & enjoy!

On Anatomy and Romance Plots Part 1 from Supernatural Smut

The Emotional Zig-Zag from (W)ords and (W)ardances

Dealing with Mixed Emotions… from The Writer’s Cocoon

Why I’m Allowed to Lust for Other Men from Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing

Writer vs. Storyteller from Musings of a Novelista

Twilight: by Bella Swan from The Literary Lab

The Critic: First and Second Drafts from Sarah Templeton

Social Media: Giving Without Expecting Anything in Return from Author Jody Hedlund

A Big Life from Lark Neville’s Lair

Boards are Done! from Writing, Food, and Life

3 comments on “Notable Posts 5/8 – 5/15/10

  1. Sara McClung

    Thanks for the links!!

  2. India Drummond

    Thanks for sharing! Your links are always good ones, so I always look out for your round-up posts. 🙂

  3. Carol

    Okay, Jamie. This week your choices were a little too good. My boss e-mailed me some work to do but I’ve been reading these posts instead! 😉